Faces For Equality: Warren Scherer (The Consortium)

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Name: Warren Scherer
Age: 28
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Occupation: Program Coordinator, LGBT Resource Center, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Why I Found Him at Creating Change:

Warren is one of my many fabulous colleagues in the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals. Like the work Terry, Lisa, and Vanessa do with community LGBT centers, professionals connected with the Consortium are LGBT advocates who provide social and educational support for the community, but are employed by colleges and universities. The number of LGBT positions on campuses has grown incredibly over the past decade and the Consortium is growing along with it and becoming a stronger voice in the greater LGBT movement and Higher Education community. A great recent example was the Consortium’s recent response to the Virginia Attorney General regarding university nondiscrimination policies.

Creating Change is an exciting opportunity for the Consortium to come together at our annual conference. Warren told me that he was eager to pick up new ideas and initiatives to take back to Wisconsin with him. He loves that his work focuses on LGBT issues because he himself identifies as a member of the queer community. He was raised to believe that everyone is equal, so it bothers him when people do not actually have equality.

Consider the scope of the kind of work he and his colleague Jennifer Murray due at UW Milwaukee. There are eager outspoken students there (not unlike Urvi), but there are also students just beginning to think about coming out. They have the challenge of creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all members. The Consortium and Creating Change are exciting ways to find ways to reach them all and truly serve the development of the LGBT community.

What He’d Change in America:

Warren has serious concerns about suburban sprawl and the impact on how we use resources. The sprawl leads to a loss of natural resources and an increase in waste production. This, Warren points out, also takes tax dollars away from public transportation and education.

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