WHAT? WND Says I’m Not Invited To May Day?! Sadness!!

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The subject of the email was, “You’re Not Invited To May Day.” Had they caught on that I was getting their emails just so I could counter them? Having not received an email from AFA in months, I can only wonder if WorldNetDaily had decided to antagonize me.

No, they’re just being snarky, which I can subtly admire, I suppose.

Let me explain. If you think that our economy is strong, jobs are plentiful, our borders are secure, and that we made the right choices at the ballot box in November 2008, then May Day is not for you!

If you think that we don’t need God and we’re doing fine on our own, please don’t come!

And if you don’t grasp where we are as a nation and how we got here, you’re not invited. Stay home. This event is not for you.

The truth is that our economy is not strong and our borders are far from being secure. In November 2008, we chose death collectively as a nation, and we’re now reaping the consequences of our actions. If you believe that we have never needed God more, please join us at the Lincoln Memorial this Saturday, May 1, at sunrise to cry out to God for our nation in distress. All the details are available at MayDay2010.org.

Making this trip to Washington does involve a commitment of your time this weekend and may involve some sacrifice to afford the journey. But, it’s nothing like the one being made by George Schalasky. He is WALKING 720 miles from Illinois to come to May Day! MayDay2010.org.

Self-conscious much, folks? Poor Lincoln. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to be usurped for such an utter waste of time.

What is May Day, you might still be wondering? I could tell you, but you might still ask again.

Join with Christian leaders of all denominations who love God to humble ourselves, pray, seek the face of God, and turn from our wicked ways—individually and as a nation.

This event is not to impress the media or those in Washington, but to reach the heart of God.  Publicly repenting and crying out to God for His mercy instead of the judgment our many sins deserve.  Repentance in personal and corporate prayer to God and remembrance of His work throughout our nation’s history will be major parts of the day as we seek God to do a great work of revival or reformation in our time.    The tentative plan is to begin the day with an hour of worship and praise.

Can someone define “corporate prayer” for me?

Nah, nevermind. If it has anything to do with prayer, it’s meaningless, and I don’t care.

So, the most important question is what exactly are all these people going to be thinking “loudly” to themselves about all day?

It seems there will be hourly “prayers of repentance” for the supposed “seven mountains of culture” (which don’t even have a wikipedia page). They are vaguely explained as Family, Religion, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Government, and Media. Here are some of the highlights from the full program (yeah, I cherry-picked, but I only left out nine boring ones):

Family: “Repent for divorce and how we have re-defined marriage — Invite God back into marriage.”

Education: “Repent for how we have kicked God out of school, prohibited prayer, and punished Christians.”
Education: “Repent for what has been taught with godless, evolutionary textbooks.”
Education: “Repent for how children have been taught about homosexuality and led astray from the truth.”
Education: “Invite God back into our classrooms, teaching, and policy.”

Business: “Repent for greed and stealing from God what rightfully belongs to Him in tithes and offerings.”
Business: “Repent for the businesses that perform abortions, produce obscene material, or offend Him in other ways.”

Government: “Repent for how we have turned from God in Congress and our legislatures — Invite God to direct our lawmaking.”
Government: “Repent for how we have turned from God in our military — Invite God in every area from prayer in Jesus’ name to our military strategies and defense.”
Government: “Repent for our judicial system, for shedding innocent blood, desecration of marriage, and unrighteous verdicts — Invite God back into it and every decision we make.
Government: “Repent for the executive bran (President & Governors) — Invite God back in to guide, direct and govern.”

Media: “Repent for how the media has turned its backs on God and the truth.”
Media: “Repent for how they have become activists for evil.”
Media: “Invite God back into the media to guide and direct reporting in a truthful way.”

In other words, our nation is in distress because Christianity doesn’t have supreme power over everything.

One of the other things they’re praying for is “that all communication will occur without any interruption from the enemy.” If a whole bunch of us crash this big prayergasm, will that dispel the delusion that prayer accomplishes anything?

Apparently folks are also fasting for 40 days. Miraculously (har har), they recommend people talk to a doctor. Heaven forbid (har har) people recognize that something inherently dangerous and unhealthy is just not a wise thing to do. But oh, their faith is so strong!

The documents go on to praise the founding fathers, declaring “that the primary basis upon which government statutes were based was the Bible.” Apparently they do not have Jefferson’s skill at prose (basis-based). It goes on and on and on… they find millions of different ways to say “Our way or the Hell way.” The May Day program is just a trove of the most vicious religious organizations out there, as well as a reminder of how every single Congressperson voted on Health Reform, because everyone who spread Obamacare needs to repent too.

I suppose I should be applauding May Day. It’s taking all the people who spread oppression and defend socioeconomic inequity and getting them to spend a lot of money on a day where they will do absolutely nothing productive.

And the next day we’ll have our Don’t Ask Don’t Tell protest and probably get more attention for it. We’ll certainly make a bigger difference than just sitting around praying.

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  • Buffy says:

    What a bunch of lunatics.    They need serious atipsychotics.
    Seriously though;  if their Great and Powerful Oz were all that and a bag of chips, as they insist he is, we mere puny humans wouldn’t be able to oust him from the public square/schools/etc.   He’d come down and insinuate himself into every aspect of our lives.    The fact that he has never shown his face to anybody but the delusional and the psychotic says something.    That his believers rely on threats and giant granite monuments to keep their faith alive says more.

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