Help Me Become a Fabulis Advisor!

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If you are unfamiliar with fabulis, you’re not alone! I was too until just last week! Now I’m vying for a position as a Young fabulis Advisor in the hopes that I might contribute to the growth of this new social networking tool for gay men.

Here is the post I just contributed to Fresh over at Feast of Fun. Please consider joining fabulis (it’s SUPER easy because it connects with Facebook) and voting me up this week so I have the opportunity to become a part of it!

Hey everybody,

I need your help, so please read through to the bottom!.

If you didn’t see it, my buddy Phil Reese wrote a piece (literally) about fabulis last week. I had never heard of it, but I’m guessing from Fausto and Marc’s rankings that it’s quite popular here at FOF. Please feel free to make fun of me for my… delayed entrance.

I really like the idea of fabulis. Even though leadership in the greater LGBT movement seems to be disproportionately dominated by gay men, there still seems to be a special camaraderie among gay men as a sub-community. And why shouldn’t we all declare our fabulisness? We know it’s true, and while fabulis bits ultimately aren’t of particular value, I think the phenomenon lends itself to social reinforcement.

In less nerdy lingo, we all get to make each other happy. We get to celebrate our fabulisness in a fun competitive-but-nobody-loses way. And while we’re at it, we get to see all the fabulis events out there to connect with each other and to strengthen the bonds of our community.

As an activist and an educator, I’m not one to shrug off these social events. Every time we gather, it’s an opportunity to embolden our community. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness, rally support, or recruit volunteers. I can only hope that a network like fabulis helps bring more people to these different events. Not everyone likes hanging out at the gay clubs/bars, but fabulis helps us connect in many new and exciting ways.

The biggest problem I see is that the gay community is so focused on life and culture in the big cities. From my little rural town in central Pennsylvania, I can get to NYC, Philly, or DC relatively easily, but it is definitely not affordable on a regular basis. My city, Harrisburg, is not very fabulis, but only because it isn’t celebrated as such.

That’s why I was excited to hear about fabulis’s “Young fabulis Advisor” program. It’s an opportunity to help contribute to fabulis and expand its potential. As a 24-year-old with a background in education and the experience of social media through blogging andpodcasting, I am primed and ready to help fabulis grow in new ways that serve our community. I still want fabulis to be fun, but I think it can do a whole lot more in the way it supports gay folks in areas outside the big cities, where being fabulis is still just as important.

That’s why I need your help! This week, I’m asking you to share your extra fabulis bits with me so that I have a chance to become a Young fabulis Advisor. By helping me towards this goal, I will then be able to help you by offering my skills and ideas to fabulis and helping it be the best social network it can be. Many of you might also be interested in becoming a YfA, and I encourage you to try as well!

Thank you in advance for your support. I look forward to this fresh opportunity to make a difference for our community. Please click here to find my fabulis profile and vote me up with your bits. I will do my best to return the favor as I’m able!

Warmest regards!

–Zack Ford

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