Negrophilia: An Invitation To Racism

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WorldNetDaily repeatedly sends out a lot of promotional crap for a lot of crap. “Crap” is perhaps a juvenile descriptor, and yet it rings appropriate. It’s just junk geared to reinforce the narrow narrow beliefs of WND readers. (You may recall my humorous analysis of the iLumina Bible Software from last week.) Today’s offer takes the cake.

It’s for a book called “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession” by Erik Rush, who was apparently the same fellow who exposed the anti-American ravings of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Rush (who’s black! it’s really important you know he’s black!), suggests that:

Whites succumb to Negrophilia when, believing that people of color are somehow more benevolent and less corruptible than themselves, they develop an undue affinity for them.

In other words, this is a book about reverse racism (a concept I find to be completely antithetical to social justice). His thesis is not only that there is no white privilege but that there is, in fact, black privilege. I don’t get fired up to write about race a lot on this blog as often as I should, but this is probably one of the most offensive ideas I have ever seen put forth.

I think it’s definitely fair to say that Rush is a Quisling to his community. He’s essentially giving a stamp of approval for whites to persist in looking down upon blacks. While there might be some truth in that “white politicians schem[e] for personal enrichment,” I don’t think that in any way validates this sordid idea.

And when Joseph Farah, king supreme of the teabaggers, endorses your book as “nothing less than the definitive book on racial politics in America,” you know there’s a problem. I wonder if Erik Rush would agree with Farah that President Obama still needs to present his birth certificate.

I’m not going to so much as touch this book, but let’s see what claims Rush makes in this Negrophilia book of his:

That black Americans did not heroically wrest equality from an unwilling white majority.

We turned the hoses off out of love.

That many of black Americans remain poor and ignorant because that’s the way many politicians and activists want them to remain.

That couldn’t possibly be evidence of the persistence of white privilege, could it?

That few are saying anything even remotely resembling the truth when it comes to the politics of race in America.

Is he trying to be ironic?

How for decades, Americans have been sold a bill of goods regarding blacks that contains the worst kind of intellectual garbage.

Oh, so blacks really are inferior?

Why white guilt is still encouraged, despite unprecedented opportunities for blacks.

Umm… if there are unprecedented opportunities for blacks, why are they still poor and ignorant?

Why, if “whitey” had really wanted to “get” black Americans, they’d be “got.”

Wait! So you’re saying whites really do have supreme power over blacks?

That prior to 1970, blacks were among the most socially conservative groups in America.

Such a Quisling. It’s okay to be conservative racist because for the longest time, all blacks were conservative too! (And I still am! (Because I know I can make money off you idiots at the cost of my own community’s respect!))

That the global financial crisis was brought on in a large part due to well-organized activists, ostensibly acting on the behalf of black Americans.

I got ya. All those greedy white guys that abused the financial system for their own gain were actually trying to help black people, and that’s why our economy collapsed!

How the worldview promoted in America is just as racist as that held by many whites prior to the Civil Rights Movement.

That’s right, Erik Rush! The continued study of white privilege and black oppression is RACIST!

That in America, there are freedom fighters and there are those who would enslave all of us, regardless of race – and it’s time to choose a side.

If you’re sick of kowtowing to black people like I am (as a black person), it’s time to fight. We don’t need to be enslaved as nigger-lovers anymore! We’re going to reclaim America! Yeah!

This is complete filth. You have to love the ironic way Rush is the exceptional proof of his own claims. He’s the one using the ongoing oppression of blacks for his own financial gain.

You want to talk about race in America? Take a critical race theory class.

Below are two clips. The first is a promotional video for this tome of hate. The second is a clip from Time Wise about White privilege. Take a listen to both and decide for yourself which point of view has a leg to stand on.

Continue listening to Tim Wise’s The Pathology of White Privilege: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

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There are 6 Comments to "Negrophilia: An Invitation To Racism"

  • Buffy says:

    I don’t even know what to say in the face of so much naked racism and profound stupidity.

  • AZRanger says:

    Zack Ford, you are a Marxist piece of shit! You really can go “F” yourself! BTW, there is a growing concensus that “The only good Marxist, is a dead one!”  Got to say, I can’t find much of a problem with that saying!
    You need to keep playing with the unarmed minds of our young and undereducated citizens, because the American public is waking up to the perversions of the Marxist fantasy! Your kind will never win, because the patriots of this country will use armed force to prevent the Marxist dictatorship you and the Apollo Project envision for this country!
    Got to tell you, I really do hate ANYONE who espouses that loser belief system!
    In the Spirit of AMERICAN Liberty,

  • Yama says:

    Because anyone to the left of Ion Antonescu is a raving Trotskyite, right?

  • Aaron says:

    Come on people! You can’t take Zack Ford serious. The guy has a “Donate to queer or queerer” banner up and he looks like the poster boy for arrested development; and that is just what has been purposefully placed to draw the visual attention first. At closer inspection he has put “ZackFord Blogs | Behold the musings of Zack Ford, a politically-minded white, gay, male, nondisabled, middle-class, atheist educator with a passion for social justice.” at the very top of the page. The guy’s schtick is to be outrageous, like a clown. So, how serious should he be considered? In all actuality, if one considers just how many “Hal Turners” there are being Federally funded by traitors matching his individual definition within the Criminal Government, I’d say not much. His “job” is to be an underminer of ethics and morality. He is most likely funded some how by the cowards within the NSA and FBI to perpetuate their treasonous actions against the People of America and Humanity in General by espousing thier nonsensical and absurdist rantings which they hope will distract people lone enough while they continue to sell everyone out to global corporate bankers. So, don’t take this guy too serious. He’s just a morally bankrupt peice of subhuman scum who will always ever contend points with absurdities in hopes to make himself appear supperior while building philosphical foundations made up mud and shit. The latter of which the guy has a deranged fascination for, his being admittingly gay. He is either a packer or receiver of it. Is it any wonder that he espouses it also?

  • Rev. Bob says:

    Mr. Ford, by failing to read the book, actually trumpeting your unwillingness to even touch the book, you’ve not allowed Rush to flesh out the you sound-bytes you pretend are substance, and so you’ve entirely discredited any of your oversimplified, liberal knee-jerk responses to those sound-bytes. I’ve read stuff by Rush, and though I don’t agree with a lot of what he says as a progressive myself, his views are shared by many blacks in the U.S., have their place in our discourse, and should be respected rather than be subject to what actually amounts to white racism on YOUR part because you seek to delegitimize and make inferior what are still black views. Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas and Shelby Steele don’t exist in a vacuum, as if propped up by racist whites, which your version of white racism fantasizes; they represent the legitimate views of millions of American blacks, and you should read their perspectives. I know you’re frightened of reading anything of substance that might chip away at your self-assured liberalism, as I once was, when I too was younger than 30. But you should.

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