Queer and Queerer Ep. 21 – Fundamentalist Christianity: Where Non-thinkers Go To Die?

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Zack and Peterson work on mending their relationship after the Joe Gee debacle by discussing fundamentalist Christianity. Angela from Austria thinks that fundamentalist Christianity is a great way to absorb “non-thinkers” who might be recruited by more dangerous groups (like neo-Nazis). From the conversation that ensues, you almost wouldn’t know that Peterson’s a believer and Zack isn’t. ALSO, more lesbian movies coming your way!

The Queer and Queerer Podcast!

Listen to this week's episode:  

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Here’s some more information about what we talked about this week:

» Click here to listen to Marvin Bloom on Dan Savage’s Podcast!

» Check out New Left Media’s videos from Tea Party events.

» Read more about the Pew Research Center study we discussed.

Here are more lesbian movie recommendations, courtesy of The Lesbian Mafia:

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There are 4 Comments to "Queer and Queerer Ep. 21 – Fundamentalist Christianity: Where Non-thinkers Go To Die?"

  • Hard to listen to anything with small people in the house but will be tuning in tonight while making the dinner!!

  • “listen to Marvin Bloom on Dan Savage’s Podcast!” when I heard this I SQUEED! I squeed so much I had to rewind to listen again.

  • lol “short lesbians. ‘

    always find your discourse engaging with interesting perspectives. few liberals will admit MSNBC is just as in the pocket as FOX and CNN are and deluding everyone who consumes it. they all exist to do nothing but inflame hatreds. “kneejerk reactions based on some blog somewhere” REALLY well said!

    so true about the brain getting in a groove. so important to keep exposing yourself. well, not exposing yourself literally… 🙂

    and if we may tread a bit here….. as political athiests, “from our window” …it seems that TP are just as nutty about palin, a beauty queen in devastating 5 inch pumps, as the left was about obama, a slick chicago lawyer with a teleprompter. the Christian Right (Fallwells, 700 Club etc) formed in response to Carter and his horrors, and the TP evolved fueled by Obama’s horrors. the Christian Right has lasted for decades. TP may be around just as long. so true what you say about if you don’t wear their brand God then you’re not patriotic. pathetic.

    lastly, to get even more controversial… brazilians and italians are some of the most oppressively religious cultures, and the vatican’s influence is sexist beyond words. pope just stated in 1991 or 92 that women have souls!
    …but our eyes stay open, Mexican, Arab and Eastern Europeans are veeeeeery religious cultures also, and they will take their religion to the voting booths like everyone else including the Mormons. and Muslim faith is like the Christian Right + Mormons X100.

  • David says:

    There are also many people who join / follow the fundamentalist, do so because they like following the crowd. And as more and more become part of the non-thinking collective (to play on the whole BORG theme), it becomes the acceptable group to be apart of. As a minister of small churches (that do try to think!) I have seen people leave the congregations I serve to become part of the POPULAR crowd and to also get lost in the POPULAR group. Let’s face it, when you are in a smaller group, more actions must fall on your shoulders to keep the group going.

    And, Peterson, I am a thinking individual and I ALSO collect stamps! Although, all actions can fall into the group of non-thinkers (even blogging!) There are those of us who participate in something because we enjoy the information and history that is gleaned from such actions! In other words, don’t count it as a negative, just because one such as you may become mentally numb from doing it!

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