Queer and Queerer Ep. 22 – Reeking of Faith

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Zack talked about atheism with Marvin back in Episode 6, and now it’s Peterson’s turn to talk about faith as a Christian and a Quaker. Then, the two delve into the muck in this extended episode! The Zack-Peterson rapport’s gotten particularly spicy! In this exciting discussion, Zack challenges Peterson about faith and Peterson challenges Zack about his (lack of) faith. Of course it goes unresolved… to be continued another day. Share your own thoughts about faith on the Queer and Queerer post or on the Queer and Queerer Facebook page!

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There are 2 Comments to "Queer and Queerer Ep. 22 – Reeking of Faith"

  • David says:

    Zach, you claim to be faithless. However, I would agree with Peterson that you have faith in someone and you also have faith in many other things such as faith in Science and/or faith in the natural world. Zach, do you believe that “truth” within philosophy is just opinion? if so, then do you throw out the whole of philosophy (since you don’t have faith in opinion?) or do you accept that you have faith in some philosophical thoughts? Furthermore, are you discounting the myriad of philosophers who have struggled with the “truth” of the meaning of life, simply because you, personally cannot answer it? And, in fact, you do have faith in science because you “fall back” on the strength of science to support your reasoning as to why you cannot or do not answer certain questions.

    Peterson, one point I wish you would have made is that faith, in order for it to be a “living” faith, must be a growing changing experience. And because you have been through much, your faith is a valid beautiful experience that can and should be shared with others.

    Zach, one thing you are missing is the uniqueness of Christianity. IT IS NOT ABOUT FEAR! IT IS ABOUT LOVE! Unbounded, unmerited, ever complete LOVE! And THAT is the truth of the perspective of Christianity. That which you see as fear in Christianity, is not what Peterson or I understand as “REAL” Christianity.

    • ZackFord says:

      I feel like you are throwing around a very flexible definition of “faith” that really obscures my identity in ways I don’t appreciate.

      I am talking about holding truths without evidence. Faithlessness defines my intellectual processes.

      Faith in someone is not what I’m talking about. That’s trust, love, kinship, and other things. I can also be faithful to people, but that is being trustworthy and honorable. This accusation does not address what I mean when I say I am faithless.

      I also do not have faith in science or the natural world. In fact, the thing I love about science is how fallible it is and what I love about nature is how unpredictable it is. I have faith in neither. Science is not some other worldview you buy into. Science is the decision NOT to buy into ideas without evidence. It is, by definition, a deficit of faith. It is skepticism. I don’t fall back on it; I wait for it before I lift anything up.

      Philosophy is not a science. It is an art. Thus, it is entirely subjective. I don’t agree there is some grand unified “truth” or “meaning of life,” but people are certainly welcome to explore how to make life more rewarding. I don’t have any faith in any of those ideas, but I’ll certainly hear them out.

      I hope I’ve better explained myself. At the very least, I think I understand my own understanding of the world better than you do, but thanks for telling me about this supposed faith I have.

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