Anti-Gay Christians Unfit To Be Foster Parents

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When WorldNetDaily files a story under “Faith Under Fire,” it’s always worth a look.

This story comes from Britain, where a Christian couple was told they may not be fit to be foster parents under new laws about sensitivity to gay and lesbian kids.

Mrs. Johns told London’s Daily Mail, “The council said, ‘Do you know, you would have to tell them that it’s OK to be homosexual?'”

“But I said I couldn’t do that,” Johns continued, “because my Christian beliefs won’t let me. Morally, I couldn’t do that. Spiritually I couldn’t do that.”

The Johns appealed to the courts, hoping it would force their council to clarify whether Christians with traditional views on sexual ethics would be forbidden from adopting foster children.

I think it’s brilliant, aside from being perfect common sense. We want kids to go with parents who will love unconditionally. If the parents are going to condemn a same-sex orientation, that is quite far from love unconditionally.

Now, I’m not going to quote too much from the WND story; I quickly grow weary of being called homosexual and “gay” and having my “rights” talked about. The mocking quotes are so degrading. But I want to share this next bit because it clearly shows how Christians really struggle to understand the privilege they have, perceiving a reduction of the oppression they cause as a loss to the supposed “equality” they think they have.

The groundbreaking legal collision of homosexual “rights” and the freedom of religion has generated extensive public attention, including an open letter from several British clergy and signed by former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton:

“The High Court is to be asked to rule on whether Christians are ‘fit people’ to adopt or foster children – or whether they will be excluded, regardless of the needs of children, from doing so because of the requirements of homosexual rights,” the clergy write. “This ‘equality,’ however, privileges homosexual rights over those of others.”

“There is a ‘clash of rights,’ which the court must settle,” the clergy continue. “If the court believes that those with traditional Christian views on homosexuality can be discriminated against, the state has taken a position on a moral question, namely that such religious belief is problematic.”

The Christians are suddenly concerned about the needs of children! That never happens when there are same-sex couples ready to adopt. But when there are Christian parents ready to bully their own children for being gay, now that’s a home for a needy child.

Guess what, such a religious belief is problematic. And I hope the British courts say so!

And, as is already happening, I hope the American conservative movement freaks out.

And then, I hope the American LGBT movement has the courage to stand up and say the same thing: Religious beliefs against homosexuality are extremely problematic whether a child turns out to be gay or not.

“The city council needs clarity on this matter,” [Jeremy West, representation for Derby City Council] said. “It defends diversity and equality and has treated the Johns as it would have treated anyone else. It would be inappropriate for the council to approve foster carers who cannot meet minimum standards.”

Weston also said, however, “It would be difficult and impractical to match children with Mr. and Mrs. Johns if they feel that strongly.”

Weston added that the Johns’ application could also be ultimately denied should the Johns be found “unsuitable” for other reasons, including “if Mrs. Johns’ attendance at church twice on a Sunday would limit available time [to care for children].”

So what comes first, children or God? To any of the Christians out there who might possibly be torn about this dilemma, you need to seriously reconsider how much influence you want your faith to have over your life.

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There are 4 Comments to "Anti-Gay Christians Unfit To Be Foster Parents"

  • Anastasia says:

    That’s really frustrating. How difficult is it to imagine that a household that espouses hatred for any group of people isn’t a good household to put any child into – least of all a child that may be of that group? Can racists adopt? Neo-Nazis? Would we allow them to adopt black children and expect that to be healthy? Would it be healthy for a white child to grow up there? Jerks. Side note – you said “I quickly grow weary of being called homosexual and gay” which leads me to ask which is the right word? I don’t like referring to any group of people first because we’re all people gosh darn it and second because I often don’t know which word is best – but sometimes we do have to refer a specific subset of people. So, what’s best?

    • ZackFord says:

      Sorry, I should clarify.

      Right wing publishing groups are notorious for switching the word “homosexual” in for the word “gay,” which helps make us look less like real people and more like the problems that plague us. It conditionalizes us, not unlike saying “the disabled” as opposed to “people with disabilities. It’s an intentional, nefarious decision they make.

      The other thing they do is use what I call mocking quotes for our other identities. So I have no problem being called gay, but I do have a problem being called “gay” or having my “rights” talked about. It’s as if my identity and the rights I seek are made up and don’t really exist (which is what they actually believe).

  • Buffy says:

    Nobody has a right to have foster children. The rights and safety of the children always come first. This is just more BS whining on the part of the Christianists.

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