Love for Pam Spaulding!


I just wanted to put up a note wishing the best for my friend Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend. Today she is undergoing a hysterectomy, which I hear is not a very fun experience.

I’ve followed Pam for a very long time, but only met her for the first time this Summer. We were very fast friends and had a lot of great conversation. She has also done a lot to create visibility for my writing by promoting my crossposts to her site, which I can’t thank her for enough.

And so while I won’t be praying for her, she is definitely in my thoughts today. This blogger community is smaller than you’d think, and I think it’s super important we all look out for each other, especially because we so rarely get to see each other. Stop by the Blend today and send some love. We hope for a very speedy recovery!!!

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