Queer and Queerer Ep. 30 – Genocidal Tendencies and Sexual Proclivities

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This special episode was recorded on Saturday, November 6, live at the Soulforce Symposium in Philadelphia! While Peterson is milling about reconnecting with his ex-ex-gay brethren, Zack conducts two interviews. First up is sexologist and ex-gay survivor Jallen Rix and he wants you to feel very comfortable with your body! Then, we hear from JMU professor Christine Robinson, who, with her colleague Sue Spivey, has produced some compelling research about the harms of the ex-gay movement. Their most recent publication demonstrates how the tactics of the ex-gay movement constitute four of the five forms of genocide identified by the United Nations. After these two very different interviews, Peterson rejoins Zack for a brief reflection on the very long day. Please leave your comments and questions!

The Queer and Queerer Podcast!

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Here’s some more information about what we talked about this week:

» Check out Soulforce’s website (and YouTube channel) for lots of coverage (and videos) from the symposium.

» Learn more about Jallen Rix’s sexology and his book, Ex-Gay No Way.

» Citation and abstract for “Genocidal Intentions: Social Death and the Ex-Gay Movement” (Spivey & Robinson, 2010).

» The Village Voice’s feature on Dan Choi.

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There are 4 Comments to "Queer and Queerer Ep. 30 – Genocidal Tendencies and Sexual Proclivities"

  • josh says:

    I am curious ho the lethal anti-homosexual movement that is going on in many parts of Africa and the Caribbean ties in with Professor Robinsons research. This movement is almost fully sponsored by U.S. religious organizations’. I wonder if the ex-gay organizations are somehow involved. Thank you Zack, and Mr. Peterson for your continuing efforts.

    • ZackFord says:

      I’m sorry we didn’t get to directly address that point in this interview, but there is a clear direct connection between the ex-gay movement and anti-gay attitudes developing or worsening in foreign countries. For example, the proposed intensification of Uganda’s laws against homosexuality was a direct result of a conference organized by Scott Lively and also featuring Dan Schmierer.

      Christine and Sue’s research shows that excerpt’s from Lively’s book, The Pink Swastika, were formerly featured on both EXODUS’ and NARTH’s websites until 2009, and also that Schmierer is an EXODUS board member! Here’s a brief excerpt from the paper about this point:

      The Uganda People News reported that Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity James Nsaba Buturo told conference attendees that he would submit a bill to parliament because the penal code criminalizing homosexuality is too weak. The article noted: ‘‘Scott Lively says it is good for the government of Uganda to criminalize homosexuality but the government should subject . . . criminals . . . to a therapy rather than imprisoning them.’’ Uganda’s law allows for life imprisonment as a maximum sentence for homosexual sex, and a seven-year sentence for attempting to commit ‘‘unnatural offences.’’ In 2007, Lively called homosexuality a ‘‘a very fast-growing social cancer’’ and urged Russia to ‘‘criminalize the public advocacy of homosexuality.

      And as Christine said in the interview, it is quite clear that while the ex-gay movement in the US might be stagnant or only growing a little, the ex-gay movement internationally is booming.

      One other connection to make is The Family/C Street, the secret fundamentalism power structure that journalist Jeff Sharlet has written about. It is quite clear that this group has been intent on exporting American evangelical Christianity to other countries, including ex-gay ministries.

  • Ahab says:

    Focus on the Family has already been taking its abstinence-only message into Asia, as the Advocate and the Washington Post reported in September. It’s only a matter of time before they start exporting other unhealthy programs to the East as well.



  • Joe G. says:

    I understand that there was a lot of very serious discussion (bravo) in this podcast, but hearing Peterson drugged at the end made it extra special.

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