Will Catholics Ever Admit The Church Has a Problem?

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Last week, I was going to write about this story, where a woman at Benedictine University lost her job, but not for being gay or getting married. She lost it because she had the gall to publish a wedding announcement. Change.org followed up with a statement from the university defending the decision, running the appropriate headline, “Benedictine University: It’s Moral for Catholics to Fire Gay People.”

But as you might recall, when I last wrote about Catholicism two weeks ago, I pointed out that people complain I “bash” Catholicism too much. So rather than just add one to the pile, I thought I’d compile the posts I’d written here about Catholicism. I want to really put it to all my Catholic readers out there… is there ever enough evidence of Church shenanigans that will make you question your loyalty? And more importantly, do you recognize that by putting money in the offering at Mass, you are endorsing all of the following behavior?

Take a look and just the few examples I’ve written about, a list that is hardly exhaustive.

November 1 – Cardinal-Designate Raymond L. Burke said that discrimination against gays is okay, because they “suffer” and are “wrong.”

October 28 – Materials I was handed at a summer street fair show that Catholics guilt teenage girls out of abortion with twisted facts, gender police dating rituals, and condemn homosexuals as “disordered” using bunk Paul Cameron research.

September 17 – The Pope told the Queen of England that “atheist extremism” was responsible for the holocaust, ignoring the fact Hitler had been Catholic.

August 24 – The group Catholics for Equality creates an opportunity for LGBT advocates to defend their Church at the same time (thus maintaining the very cognitive dissonance this post is meant to challenge).

July 13 – Chicago’s Reverend Robert Barron used atheist Christopher Hitchens’ terminal illness as a petty opportunity to promote prayer.

June 7 – The New York Times celebrated “A Gay Catholic Voice Against Same-Sex Marriage,” a profile of Eve Tushnet, who promotes harmful ex-gay therapies or condemns gay people to chastity.

April 12 – The Pope’s #2, Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, promoted the (completely wrong) idea that homosexuality and pedophilia are related.

April 3 – A senior Vatican priest speaking before the Pope compared the backlash against the Church for sexual abuse scandals to the persecution of the Jews.

March 16 – A lesbian couple cared enough about their children being Catholic that they didn’t care if their kids learned that they were actually going to Hell for their relationship.

March 12 – Bill O’Reilly actually defended the aforementioned lesbian couple when their kids were kicked out of their Catholic preschool; Father Jonathan Morris, not so much.

March 5 – A number of highlights! The DC Archdiocese ended their foster care program and all spousal benefits rather than subscribe to marriage equality. An Italian cardinal made it clear that if you support same-sex marriage, you can’t be Catholic. Distributing condoms to help fight AIDS in the Philippines is also anti-Catholic, according to bishops there. That was also the week we heard about the gay prostitution scandal inside the Vatican.

November 20 – Many Catholic leaders signed the very anti-gay Manhattan Declaration, just a week after threatening to pull out of DC charity serves should marriage pass there (as we saw above the ended up doing).


So there are my posts about Catholicism from the past year (aside from reminders here or there about Catholic positions on LGBT issues). That completely ignores the huge sums of money they gave both in 2009 (Maine) and 2008 (California and elsewhere) to fight marriage equality, as well as all scandals of sexual abuse, which continue to come to light.

So… you all okay with all of that? How many cracks will it take to break your diplomacy dike and cause you to raise some concern about your Church? If you disagree with the above actions and statements, why do you still support them both financially and in name? And if all of these things are so wrong, how is it that your beliefs are still so right?

Are you still proud to be Catholic? How did Catholicism get to be so important in your life? Can the values Catholicism represents for you ever be separated out from support of the Church?

Let me hear from you all.

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There are 6 Comments to "Will Catholics Ever Admit The Church Has a Problem?"

  • Buffy says:

    Of course the Catholic Church has a problem. Nasty old atheists keep bashing it, the lib’rul media is publishing all sorts of lies about it, and even its own members aren’t as subservient faithful as they used to be. They’re being persecuted from all sides.

    • The Master says:

      Buffy (you bring shame to that name btw)

      Catholics are not persecuted, they are called on their hypocrisy and cover-ups – there is a difference. If anything THEY persecute women, gays, children who have been sexually abused, racial minorities, the poor and homeless…

      Which “lies” told by the “lib’rul media” are you talking about? Children’s claims of being molested or the claims by the same children that no one from that f&$ked up circus you call a religion was willing to acknowledge or help them?

  • libhomo says:

    I’ve always found the phrase “Catholic bashing” to be reprehensible. It conflates perfectly legitimate criticism of an institution that is corrupt, promotes bigotry and war worldwide, and which harbors child rapists in its own clergy with beating and killing people because they are queer.

  • ton veen says:

    Zack, The bad catholics will never give a stuff; they’ll never read yr blog. Likewise the job cathos, those in a job know they’re right & can’t be convinced. The truth is not a meal ticket. I’m gay & lapsed catholic; only 1 person in my family has stayed in the church, but she and her family are good people & recognise the injustices, the hypocrisy, the injustice. I & 2 bros in our family were sexually abused by a catholic priest; my sister confronted a priest about it & got the stone wall treatment. Like most GOOD people here in Australia & where you are in the US most good people do what they can, day to day good stuff [my sister & her hubbie did free missionary work in East Timor. Secular “do-gooders”, aid workers would roll up in air com jeeps to the local best hotel; that was their footprint. So, yes you can thump the message about how wrong the catholic church is. My family feel their spirituality is a thing for their group; they don’t really invest in the Vatican structure all that much. I hope this has clarified another position a bit?? Regards.

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