FCKH8.com Becomes a NOM Fundraising Tool

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[Andy Szekeres is a political consultant from Denver who specializes in LGBT ballot measures and progressive candidates and causes.]

I wrote a while back about the fact that sometimes even the folks with best intentions can make mistakes in how they go about activism.

Well, today the National Organization of Marriage has launched a major fundraising campaign based on just this fact that we are using kids to promote our message.

As you can see below they have gone full court press with this message using it to turn parents, grandparents and family members against us because we have picked the wrong messengers for our cause. Here is just part of the blog post.

Help Stop Radical SSM Activists Obscenity-Laden Attempt to Corrupt our Children

Radical activists have released an angry and degrading new video that they are using to garner publicity and raise money for same-sex marriage advocacy. Already watched by nearly 2 million people, the 2-minute video is laced with dozens of angry obscenities, even putting obscene language in the mouths of 8 and 10-year-old kids.

Words fail me in trying to describe it . . . it’s vile, sickening and incredibly sad to see the way these children have been exploited for cheap shock value. I find myself thinking – is this the kind of thing they want to teach our children?

I will let it speak for itself. Sometimes hindsight is bliss, and sometimes it’s just smarter not to give our enemy more ammo to use against us.

[Editor’s note: Since Andy’s first post about FCKH8, they have released a second video—the one referenced in the NOM fundraiser. It features a cameo by popular web persona Kelly of “Shoes,” and raises money for The Trevor Project. (The first video apparently raised over $200,000 that went to help support AFER, Equality California, Courage Campaign, and Lambda Legal.) I’ve included it below for your consideration.]

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There are 5 Comments to "FCKH8.com Becomes a NOM Fundraising Tool"

  • NG says:

    No offense, but if it’s your intent to run away every time the anti-gay opposition huffs and puffs, then the problem is you, not FCKH8.

    Perhaps you can work on that in the remaining days of 2010 and that carry that into the next decade.

  • Bero says:

    I agree with NG…

    …and i have a question: WTF is wrong with people who are upset about F bombs, but when their priests rape children, they’re looking away?!

    Oh, i get it! For these people, manners are first, and justice, mercy, love, etc. are coming on the second, or better, the last place 🙁

  • ZackFord says:

    I completely understand the appeal of FCKH8, and I will say that I am similarly unfazed by the videos. They can even be quite cathartic, and arguably empowering for young people to stand up to bullies. I can’t speak for Andy, but I doubt he has any big personal objections.

    The concern is political strategy. Andy is a political strategist, and his work includes winning over the hearts (votes) of many people who very well might have objections to this kind of campaign. As he wrote before, it is “soft women” voters who are the biggest concern, because they are the ones who respond to all of the “protect children” messages, BS as they may be. It was certainly true when Prop 8 was on the ballot.

    We can all feel the way the FCKH8 campaign does about our detractors, but we also have to keep in mind there are people who are doing lots of work to try to secure our equality in a legal and permanent fashion. By saying “fuck ’em” to the voters we need, we could very well be sabotaging our own equality efforts. Andy’s point is valid in that regard, regardless of how we feel about FCKH8 and regardless of whether we like that he’s right.

    Pride does not require belligerence.

  • Andy Szekeres says:

    Look, I think the idea is cute, I think the idea is funny. If they removed the kids out of the video and just had adults behind it talking about Fck8ing hate I’d be all behind it. The kids were not needed in the video to make a point and with it means the right has a way to raise serious money but also this could be turned into a tv ad in marriage states to again hit our community for corrupting kids.

    We lose the marriage battle with women with kids, and this is another way for them to hit us and lie about us.


  • Calvin Delius says:

    With all due respect, I have to disagree with you, Andy. It is the kids that hear the words “fucking faggot” and “fucking queer” and “fucking pussy” and “fucking pervert” “he-she” “freak” etc, etc, etc. If they can’t turn them back on their attackers, then who the fuck can? These kids watch tv and hear it said that their families are perverts. Their families are against God’s plan. Their families are destroying other families. Then they get to go to school and get called “dyke” “faggot” “queer” “homo” and more things. They get to be beaten, bullied and bashed. Not to mention queer kids that don’t come from queer families and are also beaten, bullied and told to “just die”, or to go kill themselves. Not to mention queers that are outed or kicked out of their homes.

    Kids swear. And the fact that NOM has the gall to bleep Fuck but NOT faggot clearly shows where their concern is. And of EVERYTHING that they could say about the FCKH8 videos, this is what they come up with. The kids swearing. They don’t dispute the arguments put forth, just the swearing. That is a HUGE clue about the impact of FCKH8’s videos and NOM’s stance. NOM only cares about kids that are straight and grow up with a mommy and a daddy that are married. Otherwise, you’re useless and an annoyance.

    We should never censor ourselves to appease the right. We’ve appeased them enough, killing ourselves and hating ourselves, lying to ourselves and our loved ones not to mention doing the other wonderful things we do like biting our tongues and getting fucked up the ass by politicians that are only out for votes and NOT for our welfare. This isn’t about marriage. This is about our lives. This is about the lives of these kids. About feeling safe enough to go to school. Feeling safe enough to be honest with ourselves. About knowing there is nothing wrong with us. This isn’t about language or about marriage. It’s about living, and NOM doesn’t want us to.

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