Queer and Queerer Ep. 74 – Coming Back and Moving On

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Inspired by Arrested Development, Zack and Peterson have returned from their indeterminate hiatus. Peterson discusses the passing of his father, and Zack offers a few updates from the blogging world. Peterson is also now a climate activist, and rightfully so! If you’re excited that we’re back, you should leave some comments, or tweet us, and let us know you want us to keep coming back.

The Queer and Queerer Podcast!

Listen to this week's episode:  

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Here’s some more information about what we talked about this week:

» Read Peter “Pete” Toscano’s obituary.

» Learn more about Zack’s upcoming show, “Love, NY,” by liking it on Facebookfollowing it on Twitter, or supporting it on Kickstarter!

» Follow Stephen Ira on Twitter: @supermattacine.

» Read Zack’s blogging at ThinkProgress LGBT.

» This week’s poem was:  “Meaning” by C.P. Cavaf,y from The Collected Poems of C.P. Cavafy, Translated by Aliki Barnstone, W.W. Norton 2006.

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There are 6 Comments to "Queer and Queerer Ep. 74 – Coming Back and Moving On"

  • Karen Alderson says:

    Hi Zack & Peterson, thank you, thank you, thank you for another wonderful podast. Sorry to hear about the passing of your father Peterson, sending love to you.
    I’m from the UK, near Manchester and identify as a white bisexual/queer woman. I love your podcasts and find them fun, informative, moving & inspirational. Please keep making them, I recommend them to everyone I meet. I’m a community artist working with people who have mental health needs.
    Karen x

  • I love and miss Uncle Pete & Aunt Anita. Love you too cuz. It was great growing up living next to you in Stamford & then upstate. I admire what you do and how you have turned out in life. You are the man.

  • Joe G. says:

    Nice to hear from you boyz. Zack, you’ve done such a great job with your online presence. I liked the discussion about your dad, Peterson. Very sweet. When I was a small boy during the 1960s, my infant cousin died of SIDS. There was a funeral with an open casket. And people took pictures. I recently read that in the 1800s with the introduction of photography some families took pictures of the whole family including the corpse of an infant or child as a momentum to the dead child. Here’s the queer climate change!

  • Joe G. says:

    BTW, I recently noticed that Zack has twice as many followers as Peterson. Just saying.

  • Amy says:

    It was so good to hear your voices again! Please keep the podcasts coming, boys!

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