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White House Bullying Conference Urges Action

Shannon Cuttle shares her experience at the White House’s conference on bullying, pointing out there is still a lot of work to be done.

“Born This Way” Makes It Better… But For Whom?

While many in the LGBT community celebrate the release of Lady Gaga’s new anti-bullying anthem, Shannon Cuttle has reservations.

Left Behind in 2010

Shannon Cuttle reminds us that despite the progress of 2010, it was still a very tough year for our nation’s youth, who continue to need support as we work towards truly safe schools.

President Obama Signs DADT “Repeal,” But Work Remains To Be Done

Shannon Cuttle attended today’s signing of the DADT Repeal, but suggests that the work is far from over in terms of making the military a welcome place for LGB and T troops.

Bully-Free Zones: Not on NARTH’s Agenda

Shannon Cuttle reminds us that NARTH has used its phony organizations to reinforce anti-gay fallacies—and thus bullying—in our schools.

Walking The Talk of “Safe Schools”

Shannon Cuttle urges us to see through the lip service and vote for candidates who are going to hold our schools accountable for creating safe learning environments for our LGBT youth.

Spirit Day Beyond Purple

Shannon Cuttle reminds us that wearing the color purple today isn’t enough; we truly have to step up and represent the spirit of the community

Agent for Change

Shannon Cuttle reflects on the first time she engaged in activism, organizing a protest with her fellow 5th-graders to defend an important friend.

It Takes A Village

[Shannon Cuttle is an educator, school administrator, safe schools advocate and trainer, community organizer, and policy wonk.] The official start to back to school this year was on September 7th, the day after Labor Day. Students everywhere packed up new notebooks, crayons and pencils and headed off to school all over the country. Some would […]