I Get Hatemail! (Subject: “Atheism”)

I guess I’m lucky that my blog is not too mainstream, because I actually get very little hatemail at this point. It kind of makes me wonder if I’m not working hard enough.

But I got a piece of it today, and it’s the kind I sort of expected I’d get a LOT more of. I thought I’d share it.

From: codbar
Subject: Atheism

You are an ignorant, flaming asshole

That was it! And yes, it was weirdly right-juxtaposed like that.

Here was my reply.

From: Zack Ford
Subject: Re: Atheism


Seriously readers, if you’re going to send me stupid crap, put a little thought into it. Only about a third of codbar’s email was even true, and there were no supporting arguments for the claims made. I expect better. I can’t offer long funny responses if you don’t put any thought into this stuff.

Of course, I realize by asking you to put thought into this stuff that I am definitely barking up the wrong tree.

Hatemail! I’m a “morally bankrupt piece of subhuman scum”!

Hatemail is fun.

I mean that. You know, sometimes people write long treatises disagreeing with you, and those can be frustrating, but hatemail and disparaging comments are just funny.

The comment came from Aaron on my post about the book Negrophilia. As you recall, this was a book that was heralded by WingNutDaily because a black man was promoting white privilege. It was absurd and needed called out.

Before we get to Aaron’s comment (which has little to do with Negrophilia), you should learn a little about him. I was able to find him on Facebook because he provides his email, and while I will protect his information, I will point out that according to his profile pic (the only thing I can see), he identifies with a group called the Unorganized Militia: Propaganda Corps. From what I can gather, this seems to be a pro-2nd amendment (pro-self-defense, pro-gun rights, “pro-America”) group who are apparently anti-racist. This helps illuminate some of the contradictions and misperceptions in Aaron’s comment, but does not account for the inconsistencies in his approach to social justice.

At any rate, let’s see what Aaron had to say.

Come on people! You can’t take Zack Ford serious.

Well, he’s not even ten words in and already has a grammatical error, so the irony abounds.

The guy has a “Donate to queer or queerer” banner up and he looks like the poster boy for arrested development; and that is just what has been purposefully placed to draw the visual attention first.

Technically, I have a “Donate” button for people who want to make a Paypal donation for the work I do here on the blog and a “Queer and Queerer” button for people who want to listen to my delightful podcast with Peterson Toscano. If you expect me to split the money you donate with Peterson, you better specify that when you make the donation!

Now, I’m not sure who the “poster boy” for Arrested Development would be, but if it’s Jason Bateman or Michael Cera, I will take that as a HUGE compliment. It could be that Aaron meant actual arrested development, as in the antiquated term for severe mental impairment. Even if that’s the case, I still take the notion that I’m cute enough to be a poster boy as quite the compliment.

At closer inspection he has put “ZackFord Blogs | Behold the musings of Zack Ford, a politically-minded white, gay, male, nondisabled, middle-class, atheist educator with a passion for social justice.” at the very top of the page. The guy’s schtick is to be outrageous, like a clown. So, how serious should he be considered?

Well, I do try to be funny, although it’s a dry, sarcastic funny that doesn’t always register. I think the people who are the most funny are often the ones to be taken the most seriously. I trust what I get from Jon Stewart a whole lot more than most of those “serious” journalists on the other cable news networks.

In all actuality, if one considers just how many “Hal Turners” there are being Federally funded by traitors matching his individual definition within the Criminal Government, I’d say not much. His “job” is to be an underminer of ethics and morality. He is most likely funded some how by the cowards within the NSA and FBI to perpetuate their treasonous actions against the People of America and Humanity in General by espousing thier nonsensical and absurdist rantings which they hope will distract people lone enough while they continue to sell everyone out to global corporate bankers.

Now, given that he just compared me to a white nationalist/supremacist, I wonder if he didn’t quite read what I’d written. My point was to challenge white privilege, not reinforce it. For what I know of him, I am no more a fan of Hal Turner than Aaron seems to be.

I would not consider this blog my job. It certainly doesn’t pay like one. The three cents I make each day aren’t really my motivation for writing. I also really struggle with conspiracy theories, because they tend to be so rooted in general paranoia, so Aaron’s lost me there.

I am with Aaron on despising global corporate bankers, though. My hope is to raise awareness—to educate—not to distract with nonsense. I wrote something similar myself earlier this summer.

So, don’t take this guy too serious.

His grammar might be wrong, but at least he’s consistent.

He’s just a morally bankrupt peice of subhuman scum who will always ever contend points with absurdities in hopes to make himself appear supperior while building philosphical foundations made up mud and shit.

The angrier people are when they write, the worse their spelling gets. That’s my hunch, at least for Aaron’s sake.

So, I’m morally bankrupt. This is because I challenge racism? Or religious privilege? Or just plain bad ideas?

Subhuman scum. I’m glad to know that I’m both dirty and do not even qualify as a person.

My points are absurd… or he just doesn’t get them.

I have philosophical foundations made up of mud and shit. From what I learned about some Native American tribes in Elementary School, structures made of mud were sturdy and well insulated. I didn’t even realize I talked all that much about philosophical foundations. I just try to be rational, is all.

The latter of which the guy has a deranged fascination for, his being admittingly gay. He is either a packer or receiver of it. Is it any wonder that he espouses it also?

Somehow the fact that I’m gay is connected to my fascination with muddy/shitty philosophical foundations? I’m not sure I even understand that. I mean, I’m assuming Aaron’s got some moral conflicts with homosexuality that he’s implying here. It’s interesting that he struggles against racism and yet perpetuates homophobia. Bummer.

Ah! No, I get it now. I have a fascination with shit. Because I’m a fudge-packer or something. I get it now.

Well, actually, that is wrong. The world doesn’t need to know the details of my sex life, but I’ll share this much: I’m neither a packer nor a receiver. Not all gay men like anal sex; I’ve never had it. So there. Stereotype busted!

I wish Aaron had made one relevant point. Then I wouldn’t have to make fun of his comment in a full post. But, well, there you have it.

Who Says Teabaggers Aren’t Racist? Here’s One!

Zack Ford, you are a Marxist piece of shit! You really can go “F” yourself! BTW, there is a growing concensus that “The only good Marxist, is a dead one!”  Got to say, I can’t find much of a problem with that saying!
You need to keep playing with the unarmed minds of our young and undereducated citizens, because the American public is waking up to the perversions of the Marxist fantasy! Your kind will never win, because the patriots of this country will use armed force to prevent the Marxist dictatorship you and the Apollo Project envision for this country!
Got to tell you, I really do hate ANYONE who espouses that loser belief system!
In the Spirit of AMERICAN Liberty,

Is there really? A concensus? Or did you mean consensus? No worries; it’s an easy mistake.

What is Marxism? I don’t know. It seems that there are quite a few permutations of it. Which do you mean?

I’ll admit, AZRanger, that I am somewhere between a social democrat and a democratic socialist. I don’t trust the free market to ensure the prosperity of the masses. And I hate to point this out, but there’s been quite a lot of evidence lately to remind me why I don’t trust corporations.

Oh, by the way, if you’ve read this far and wonder what this post is about: the above was a comment that was left on one of my posts.

Now, you’d think that AZRanger was concerned about the post I wrote a couple weeks ago explaining why I don’t respect libertarianism and in which I shared recent data that demonstrates the racial motives of the Tea Party. I pretty much admitted my socialist tendencies in that post.

You might be surprised, though, to find that AZRanger posted his comment on my post last week about Negrophilia, a book that attempts to paint white people as the victims. I can’t imagine why calling out racism would prompt AZRanger to defend capitalism and attack my political leanings, except—oh, that’s right, he probably can’t separate the two. An unrestrained free market (a la Rand Paul) almost certainly ensures continued white dominance over our society. Let’s get back to the comment.

So, what’s  a Marxist? I don’t really know. I’m certainly no student of political philosophy. I can’t help  but think this all sounds a bit McCarthyist. Anyone who doesn’t abide by strict Tea Party politics is a Marxist, a socialist, a communist, and a Nazi, even though many of those words contradict each other or have no relation whatsoever.

Let me just say, I don’t want a dictatorship. I don’t want a revolution. Really, I don’t. Is that the only part you’re worried about? Because if so, then we’re cool, AZRanger.

I do have some socialist leanings, but that’s specifically out of concern for the undereducated and unarmed. We might not be living under martial law, but the control that corporations have over our lives is probably much more severe than we can realize. Where you don’t want a political dictator, I don’t want a financial one. Surely we can appreciate each other’s desire to be free of such oppression.

Here’s my problem, though, AZRanger. You’ve threatened me in a public forum. You disagree with me, and that’s fine, but you don’t seem concerned with helping me understand your point of view. I certainly don’t understand where you stand from what you’ve said here on my blog. You’ve indicated that you would rather wipe me and people who agree with me out. Are you defending America for all Americans, or are you defending America just for people who think like you? It sounds like you are the one who wants to use an armed revolution to take control over our nation or a particular ideology, which would be a violation of our democracy. Am I the threat? Or is it your own paranoia?

I had to look up the “Apollo Project.” I honestly had never heard of it. I assume you didn’t mean the NASA’s Apollo program. There is an Apollo Project that does performance recording, which I suppose I appreciate as a musician. The Apollo Alliance promotes clean energy, so that doesn’t seem to fit. Then again, I should never underestimate Glenn Beck’s ability to purvey creative conspiracy theories (watch the video on FOX News). I’ve watched Beck’s bit, but I just don’t understand what’s at stake or what your problem is, AZRanger. Sounds like Beck’s use of “black nationalist” and “communist” successfully scared you, but I’d be interested to know what you think my connection to this random group might be. Also, is clean energy bad? Are jobs bad? How would you propose reducing our dependence on foreign oil and creating new jobs? Maybe we can talk each other out of the crazy tree.

I’m an American. I like liberty. I don’t like hate. Thanks for your comment.

Zack Responds To Negative Feedback

I assumed when I started my blog 16 months ago that I was inviting torrents of hateful, angry email. Really, I haven’t gotten much. I don’t have a huge readership, so that makes some sense. People do disagree with certain posts here and there, which is great—I love critical feedback and the opportunity to grow and learn from other perspectives. I don’t always change my mind, but hey, you can’t win ’em all. 😉

That’s why I’m kind of delighted today to get my first real piece of hate mail. I don’t mean that I was threatened or anything, I just mean that someone lashed out with what they think about what I do here on the blog. And since it’s the first, I thought I’d take the time to recognize it and respond to it. It’s from a complete stranger, so it’s essentially anonymous. Still, I don’t want anyone to think I’m closed to feedback. If you want to read the whole email exactly as it appeared in my inbox, click on the image below. If you don’t want any spoilers, scroll down and enjoy my conversational responses.

The subject of the email was, “crap.”


Since in your “about me” you stated several times that you wanted to hear feedback about your ideas, I figured I’d give you a piece of my mind.

Great! I love hearing from my readers! Thanks for taking the time!

First of all, your snarky, chip on the shoulder “I’m an American so I can say whatever I want!!!!” attitude doesn’t do anything for the reputation of the other gays and atheists in the world.

Well, technically, I am an American, and I can say pretty much whatever I want. (Thank you to the Founding Fathers for that!) I don’t like oppression or the enshrining of bad ideas, so I suppose I can get a little feisty sometimes. (I may have picked up the chip living in Iowa.) I also like to infuse wit into my writing, and I’m from the northeast, so I can be kind of blunt about it. Frankly, I generally think of “snarky” as a compliment, so thanks for that! Perhaps you meant “smarmy,” which I would take less liking to. I am really sorry if you don’t always like my attitude, but I try to be articulate and well-reasoned. While some might take offense to what I write, I am (hopefully) never motivated by the sole intent of offending. Could you tell me more about the reputation of gays and atheists so I know what I’m doing wrong?

Gays, specifically , hold the reputation of being inconsiderate, self-serving and emotionally unstable.

Tell that to the Sassy Gay Friend. By the way, do you think our perceived emotional instability has anything to do with constantly being demonized, disparaged, and condemned by mainstream religions and society? I’m just saying, you might be proving your own point.

I have several gay friends that even admit to this.

Why would you be friends with people who are inconsiderate, self-serving, and emotionally unstable? It doesn’t sound like those kinds of people would make very good friends. Are you friends with them out of pity? Or do you just call them “friends” to feel better about yourself when you demonize, disparage, and condemn them?

I agree that it’s wonderful that we live in a country where we are able to express ourselves freely, but when trying to gain support and sympathy for your cause, you might want to try a less condescending, “I’m right and you’re a terrible person if you don’t agree” manner.

I remind folks that there are plenty of times and reasons when I’m a terrible person, so at least I’m fair about it, right? I try to make compelling arguments with confidence so that if people want to dissent or debate, they have the most complete and coherent thesis I can offer from which to develop their response. Please do not mistake my confidence in my own argument for an assumption of infallibility. As you pointed out in your opening sentence, I welcome feedback specifically for the opportunity to learn from others.

I can’t help but wonder, though: If my arguments leave readers such as yourself feeling like disagreement would be a bad thing, doesn’t that speak positively to the quality of my arguments and/or the style in which I present them? Also, is it possible that you feel like my argument is condescending specifically because you see validity in the way it contradicts your previously held beliefs? Thus, you would be blaming me for the negative feelings you have associated with the cognitive dissonance you are experiencing, in which case I’m sorry, but you’re welcome.

I also agree that normalcy is relative, but the fact of the matter is, putting it in Darwinesque terms ,and this should be something quite easy for an atheist to understand, gays are socially inept and contribute NOTHING to the advancement of human kind.

I think this is the part where I make some self-deprecating joke about fashion and hairstyles.

You seem to imply that you are not an atheist, which probably explains why you demonstrated that you do not understand things in Darwinian terms. Partly because I am an atheist and try to think critically, I do understand that there is no validity to your two claims. First, I think gay folks are quite apt when it comes to social interaction—we even have our own bars and bathhouses! Secondly, in addition to all the loving same-sex partners raising families, there are untold numbers of prominent gay figures throughout the history of our species. I’m not trying to be condescending in my counterargument, I’m just making the point that you are flat-out wrong and offering factual evidence to support my case.

Your mind has been corrupted by some unfortunate events as a child, and ( this is where I sympathize) you’re sentenced to a lifetime of frustration by chasing feelings you’ll never reach, and acting on emotions in a totally unnatural way.

Your sympathy is disingenuous, as it is only motivated by your misunderstanding of my identity. I suffered no corruption, nor do I feel my emotions are unnatural. I know for sure, having felt love first-hand, that my feelings are completely healthy and obtainable.

Your assumption of my life experience is wrong. It is not supported by any evidence, but merely reflects your own bias. There’s a reason homosexuality is not considered a mental disorder: because it’s not a mental disorder. It’s actually completely natural.

That, by the way, is not a matter of opinion, nor is it open to debate.

Now , if you’re not contributing to the advancement of human kind, and your life is spent making questionable emotional decisions to fit YOUR needs, doesn’t that make you naturally selfish?

I already disproved your assumption that I’m not “contributing to the advancement of human kind” (whatever that means) and demonstrated how there is nothing “questionable” about my “emotional decisions” or my “needs.” So, if those two points are the premise for the question, the question itself is irrelevant.

And just in case you wish to persist, is it selfish to want what everybody else already has? And can it be selfish to want things that don’t in any way take away from what everybody else has? If I said I wanted lots of hugs from people, would that be selfish? Would I be greedily taking an unfair share from the great hug supply?

By the way, if I ever meet you, can I have a hug?

ENTJ seems fitting for someone like you as you as its really just a polite way of saying “self-righteous prick”, but that’s just my opinion.

You seem to suggest you have some knowledge of the MBTI, given that you seem to understand what an ENTJ is. However, you also suggest that one’s type is chosen, as opposed to naturally presenting in a person’s personality, which unfortunately belies the understanding you think you have. Your opinion, thus, doesn’t seem to carry much weight.

I will admit that being an ENTJ does lend itself to being perceived as a self-righteous prick, but generally only by those who can’t appreciate that I might just think about the world and express myself in different ways than they do.

I was going to make an ironic joke here about my inability to connect with “bleeding-heart cowards,” but I don’t want to come off as insensitive.

(Hooray for meta-irony!)

Curious, when did you decide to be an atheist?

Great question! Here’s a link to the post I just wrote about it last week!

Was this the easy choice since most religions agree that gays are damned souls, or did you lose faith in a higher being because of the frustrations of being gay(including whatever puzzle piece that’s missing from your childhood that “made” you gay)?

Well, nothing “made” me gay, and the only frustrations about being gay are hateful, condemning ignoramuses like you, so those two points don’t seem to apply. I wouldn’t say I lost my faith. That seems to suggest I wasn’t trying hard enough or that I failed. I, in fact, disavowed my faith.

What gives you the right to try and force your way of thinking on people(Christians in general since America IS based on Christian beliefs and large majority of Americans are Christian)whose beliefs are based on 1000s of years of history?

Pot, meet kettle. Have you been reading Texas history textbooks again? There’s your problem.

For the record, I’m not trying to force my way of thinking; I’m just trying to encourage higher levels of thinking.

I also rarely trust majorities, nor should I be beholden to their will on matters of rights and freedoms. Why, you ask? Ask Rand Paul.

Not only that, but to act as if there is something wrong with THEM when they don’t agree with you? That’s a little illogical for Mr. Logical isn’t it?

Well, it depends on why they’re disagreeing with me. If their dissent is founded entirely on delusional beliefs in an imaginary deity, then I find that I have little reason to respect their point of view. If, however, they offer sound evidence and substance to support their argument, I’ll always hear them out. That seems like a logical approach to me.

Anyways, gotta leave work.

Aight, later! I hope the negative feelings I elicited through my condescending snark didn’t take too much away from your productivity today!

P.S Promise im not gay bashing, re read it and it sure does sound that way, but I have nothing against gays, like I said, I have many gay friends, I just think being gay is directly related to a corruption of the mind at an early age.


Well, here’s the thing, Matt. The fact that you espouse your misguided assumption about the “cause” of homosexuality makes you liable for the oppression of gay people. It’s nice to say you like us and all, but what you’re doing by believing this falsehood is hurting us. If you think we are corrupted, then you can’t help but see us as “less than.” Combine that with assuming we contribute nothing to humanity and you are doing quite a bit of bashing whether you realize it or not.

Thanks for your letter. It was fun to respond to! I hope you’ll write again soon!

Much love and warmest regards,