ZackFord Vlogs – #8 – Motor Vehicle Precautions from Central PA Newspapers

Read The Daily Item for yourself:

» Liverpool woman in critical condition today following fall from moving RV

» Peaceful morning disrupted today by a bulldozer

ZackFord Vlogs #7 – Moody Weather, Easter, and Trivial ZFb Updates

Here are some of the posts from this past week I mentioned in the video:

» Dan Choi, HRC, The “Schism,” and Mixed Messages
» I Saw Maggie Gallagher in Person! Nothing to report.

Here’s a photo of me and my co-intern Peper with Norm the Navel from 2007:

Here’s a video news report about the recycling plant fire I described:

And here is the completely unnecessary 404 logo, an homage to Homestar Runner.

There’s also a special logo for the secret page, if you can find it!

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ZackFord Vlogs #6 – A Confession of Olympic Proportions

Here are the posts that maybe you missed from earlier in the week:

» Facebook Populism Wastes Time and Inhibits Activism
» A Single Man’s Defense of Valentine’s Day
» The Invisibility of Atheists at Creating Change and Within The Queer Equality Movement

UPDATE: Whoo! The ladies won their first match (the one I was watching when I recorded this vlog)!

Click here to see the complete TV schedule for Olympic curling (EST).

Click here for live streams and full-event replays of curling and other Olympic competitions.

Here’s a pic of John Shuster (skip) and Jason Smith from the American team:

And here’s a pic of Andreas Kempf, Andreas Kapp (skip), and Andreas Lang from the German team:

BONUS: Check out the Canadian hottie John Morris, pictured at right with the team’s skip, Kevin Martin:

ZackFord Vlogs #5 – “Don’t Ask” The AFA About The Showers

In this vlog, I offer an interpretive reading of an email I received from the American Family Association about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Enjoy.

ZackFord Vlogs #4 – A Serious Concern For My Readers

I hope that being shrouded in darkness helps convey the solemnity of this vlog. I don’t want anyone to think this is the kind of issue you can be bright and cheery about. Just watch, you’ll understand.

ZackFord Vlogs #3 – Zack Dabbles at the Piano

ZackFord Vlogs

Sorry about the sound quality, but that’s what you get when you have a cheap webcam. It doesn’t keep you from appreciating the vlog, though! (In fact, I kind of like how some of my playing sounds like it has distortion! Kind of. It also kind of covers the fact that pretty much all of my playing is unrehearsed.) I hope you enjoy my somewhat random thoughts on music and the interesting facial expressions I make when I play!

ZackFord Vlogs #2 – Pennsylvania, Beards, and Deep Space 9

ZackFord Vlogs

Apologies for the flagrant grammatical error in this vlog.  I didn’t feel like refilming it to correct it.  Please know that I noticed it right away and am working to avoid future mistakes.

ZackFord Vlogs #1 – ZackFord Vlogs!

ZackFord Vlogs