Creating Change 2012 Workshop: ‘Lessons Learned: Teaching LGBTQ Studies Through Political Advocacy Narratives’

Thank you for attending our workshop at the 2012 Creating Change conference in Baltimore, MD. On this page, please find some extra resources for the different examples we described during the workshop as well as copies of our handouts for your own future use and reflection! –Zack Ford and Jacob Wilson


» Exercise – Brainstorming: How Does What You Know Impact What You Do?
» 21 ThinkProgress LGBT Posts That Form A Political Narrative (Links below.)
» Exercise: Developing a plan to address a specific issue.
» Exercise: Writing a lesson plan for your own personal narrative.
» Tips for effective messaging strategies.

Ex-Gay Therapy – Jacob’s Personal Narrative

Jacob’s story as an ex-gay survivor is powerful, but has to be framed to fit the audience he’s addressing, whether it’s other ex-gay survivors, potential ex-gay patients, ex-gay leaders, or the general public.

» Peterson Toscano’s outline of the harms of ex-gay therapy.
» VIDEO: Jacob tells his story to other ex-gay survivors.
» Jacob tells his story through the Des Moines Register (This article has been archived.)
» Beyond Ex-Gay – ex-gay survivor narratives through prose, poetry, art, and more.
» VIDEO: Trailer for “This Is What Love In Action Looks Like.”

 Ex-Gay Therapy – Zack’s Political Narrative

Through his work at ThinkProgress LGBT, Zack helped construct a narrative for mainstream journalism about Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s close ties to the ex-gay movement. See how that narrative played out over several months, tying in other groups’ activism and intersections with the issue of bullying:

» 6-29-11: Bachmann’s Husband Calls Homosexuals ‘Barbarians’ Who ‘Need To Be Educated’ And ‘Disciplined’
» 7-6-11: Bachmann Endorsed ‘Ex-Gay’ Group In 2004, Said They ‘Will Present The Truth About Homosexuality’
» 7-8-11: BREAKING: Undercover Investigation Confirms Bachmann Clinic Provides Discredited, Damaging ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy
» 7-11-11: The High Costs Of Ex-Gay Therapy
» 7-12-11: Bachmann: I’m ‘Very Proud’ Of Husband’s Ex-Gay Therapy Clinics
» 7-15-11: Marcus Bachmann Speaks Out, Confirms He Would Perform Ex-Gay Therapy Upon Patient’s Request
» 7-21-11: Gay ‘Barbarians’ Demand Ex-Gay ‘Discipline’ From Bachmann Clinic
» 7-22-11: Lawsuit Filed Over Anti-Gay Bullying In Minnesota School District Calls Bachmann’s Position Into Question
» 7-25-11: Five Reasons Why Bachmann’s Current Silence On Anti-Gay Bullying Breaks With Her Past Record
» 7-29-11: Pelosi Goes After Bachmann, Says Silence On Anti-Gay Bullying Raises Doubts About Presidential Qualifications
» 8-1-11: James Dobson Excoriates Gay Activists At Bachmann Clinic: They ‘Harassed’ Marcus And ‘Scared His Patients To Death’
» 8-4-11: Profiting Off Stigma: Janet Boynes, Bachmann’s Ex-Gay, Anti-Gay Superstar
» 8-8-11: Marcus Bachmann Is Concerned About Looking ‘Gay;’ Michele Dismisses Marriage Equality As ‘Frivolous’
» 8-15-11: Marcus Bachmann Backtracks: Denies Using ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy, Claims He Never Called Gays ‘Barbarians’
» 8-22-11: Top Bachmann Donor Warns Of ‘Radical Homosexual Activists,’ Asks School Board To Maintain Pro-Bullying ‘Neutrality’ Policy
» 8-25-11: Over 100 Barbarians Glitter ‘Marcus Bachmann’ Outside Ex-Gay Clinic
» 9-14-11: Minnesota Mom Calls On Bachmann To Condemn Anti-Gay Bullying With 130,000 Signatures
» 9-19-11: Bachmann Makes Light Of Ex-Gay Therapy Endorsement: ‘Pray Away The Grey, That’s What I Thought It Was’
» 10-4-11: Bachmann Continues To Ignore Anti-Gay Bullying
» 10-19-11: Former Ex-Gay Leader: Marcus Bachmann’s Ex-Gay Therapy Is ‘Horrific’
» 11-15-11: Marcus Bachmann Demands $150 For Harmful Ex-Gay Therapy He Didn’t Even Provide

Campus Climate Case Study: Iowa State University

Zack and Jacob both helped advance support services for LGBTQ students at Iowa State University. Here are some of the tools and hallmarks from that work:

» The ISU 2004 Campus Climate Assessment.
» Zack’s “Student of the Year” speech given in May 2008.
» The Government of the Student Body’s resolution against anti-LGBT bullying.
» The 2010 National LGBT Campus Climate Survey.

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