Showcase for Higher Ed Employers and Colleagues

Greetings and welcome!

I have designed this page specifically for potential employers and other colleagues in higher education to showcase some of my work. While blogs and social media have been around for some time, they are still very new to the professional world of higher education and student affairs. Before you read more of my blog, I invite you to read my commentary on new media:

Does Higher Education Understand The Culture of Blogging?

My blog, on its own, is a project that I am incredibly proud of, but by no means does it define me as a professional. Through the various collections on this page, you can learn more about me as a professional beyond the writing I do here on the blog.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, for my full résumé, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

» Blog Posts About Higher Education

I originally started this blog to address issues and raise challenging questions about the field of student affairs in higher education. This collection highlights some of my posts that I think offer original points of view or that reflect my commitment to the field.

» Academic Writing

This collection features some of my writing from my graduate studies. Included is a paper called “The SAGAS Saga: An Assessment of Student Affairs Graduate Assistantships,” I co-wrote with my colleague Matt Skoy, which we presented at the 2009 ACPA National Conference.

» Graphic Design and Multimedia

While I have no formal training in graphic design, I have found success with many of my designs. This portfolio includes various designs I use on my blog, as well as logos I’ve designed for programs through my professional work.

» Performances and Speeches

This collection contains a hodgepodge of recordings and writings that demonstrate my public speaking and performance skills. The epitome of this collection is my Master’s capstone narrative, “…of both worlds,” which combined my background as a music educator with my passion for nurturing student development.

Of course, I welcome you to peruse my blog archives and my other special collections, which are accessible on the right-hand toolbar. Thank you for visiting!