Academic Writing Portfolio

In this portfolio, I share just a few examples of my academic and professional writing, all taken from my graduate work at Iowa State University. I don’t expect many are coming to my blog to read these kinds of documents, but I wanted to provide some to show that my blog writing is not my only writing.

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Research and Assessment

This first document is the final report of an extensive assessment my colleague Matt Skoy and I did on student affairs graduate assistantships. We developed the idea for the study on our own, but it conveniently met the requirements for an assignment in our coursework as well. No assessment had previously been done on these assistantships, and our final report was used by our graduate department (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies) as they continue to develop the Master’s program. We also presented our results at the 2009 ACPA National Conference. I have included the PowerPoint slides from that presentation below.

Skoy and Ford (2008) – The SAGAS Saga: An Assessment of Student Affairs Graduate Assistantships

SAGAS Presentation

Theory-to-Practice Intervention Development

As part of a class assignment, two of my colleagues and I developed a mentoring program for first-generation students and demonstrated the way such a program would benefit students’ development by applying various theories we had studied.

England, Ford, and Krekel (2007) – Ensuring Success for First-Generation Students: Providing Mentorship Th…

Analysis and Synthesis

Another class assignment in Fall 2007 was to read and analyze an original source of research and theory. Here is my final report on WICS (Sternberg, 2003).

A Review and Analysis of WICS, Robert J. Sternberg’s Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized

Personal Investigation

This last document was not written for an academic purpose, nor does it utilize APA format, but I did include it in my capstone learning portfolio. After Proposition 8 passed in November, 2008, I started raising some challenging questions about religion. I realized that many of my colleagues did not have a context for the ideas that I was discussing, so I wrote this as a primer on religious privilege. The ideas contained within served as a framework for the development of this blog in early 2009 as well as future research interests I have. I have since written a preface to this document.

Privilege of Religion and Faith

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