Graphic Design and Multimedia Portfolio

This portfolio showcases some of my graphic design work, as well as a video down below.

Experimental Designs From My UC Riverside Internship

During my summer (2007) working at UC Riverside’s LGBT Resource Center, I made my first foray into graphic design. I was really surprised with what I came up with. Though I have learned some new tricks since then, I still look back on this collection with pride. Unfortunately, I don’t think many of these designs have been put to use at UCR.

Click on the thumbnail at left to open a gallery of some of my designs from that summer with descriptions for each.

Designs From Graduate School

Here are just a few designs from my graduate studies and graduate assistantship. I didn’t have many opportunities to design, but I did generate a couple fun ideas. I was particularly proud of the chalkboard design I was able to utilize for one of my workshop fliers. The other designs are for aspects of my classwork, including an intervention I designed with colleagues and my capstone work.

Click on the thumbnail at left to open a gallery of some of my designs from graduate school with descriptions for each.

Designs From My Blog

Obviously, starting my own blog gave me plenty of opportunities for graphic design, though I didn’t realize it at first. I ended up using the original logo I designed for my blog to inspire logos for various other features and collections I developed. In October 2009, I started exploring with themed logos for holidays and special occasions. The collection is ongoing.

Click on the thumbnail at left to open a gallery of my designs for ZackFord Blogs with descriptions for each.

Video: Spring Break in Brazil

As part of my graduate assistantship, I had the joy of serving as a teaching assistant on a spring break study abroad in Brazil. In addition to supporting the students in their learning about race, culture, and society, I also made it my goal to capture a “behind the scenes” look at their trip. In other words, what does it look like when students are on a study abroad trip? This photo collage is the product of that experiment. (Runtime is 10:26.)

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