Performances and Speeches Portfolio

Given my background in music and theatre, I bring some unique skills to the student affairs profession. Music has translated into an effective form of creative reflection, while theatre has served my public speaking and presentation skills. Below are three examples of my performance and speaking abilities and creativity.

Master’s of Education Creative Component: “…of both worlds.”

As a final assignment in our capstone seminar, we were asked to creatively reflect on how we had grown in our graduate studies and also consider our plans for the future. Many used PowerPoint to share photos and memories; others through media such as art and video. I decided I had to be true to my creative background. I asked the students in the musical theatre class I TA’d if they would be willing to help tell my story. The result was an amazing tapestry that symbolizes the way I use my work to help students shine. I have offered many artistry notes for this piece on my blog, but I have included below the analysis and script I submitted to my major professor, Dr. Nancy Evans, prior to the performance. Enjoy.

Reflection, Analysis, and Script for “…of both worlds.” – Zack Ford, May 2009

LGBTSS Student of the Year Speech, May 2008

In the Spring of 2008, I was named as the “Student of the Year” by Iowa State University’s Office of LGBT Student Services. Throughout that year, we had faced many obstacles in trying to expand the services necessary to create a welcoming environment for our queer students. I personally requested to speak at the event as I accepted this award and delivered this address. Unfortunately, there is no recording.

Iowa State University LGBTSS Student of the Year Speech by Zack Ford 2008

Ithaca College 2006 Convocation Address

Ithaca College 2006 Convocation – Address by Zack Ford, Student Body President

As Ithaca College’s Student Body President, I had the amazing privilege to speak at the 2006 Convocation ceremony, welcoming the Class of 2010 in the presence of IC’s faculty, administrators, and trustees. I spent most of the summer preparing my address and delivered it at the ceremony on August 28, 2006. Click above for an audio recording; the text of the speech is embedded below. I am still quite proud of the message I delivered to those students.

Ithaca College 2006 Convocation – Address by Zack Ford, Student Body President

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