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Science and Religion Are Not Compatible: The Seminary Says So

I love a good ironic headline. I have a lot of questions about this article on Inside Higher Ed. The article is about Bruce K. Waltke, an evangelical scholar (oxymoron?) of the Old Testament (nevermind) who was a professor (I guess) at Reformed Theological Seminary until he supported evolution in a recent lecture. So first […]

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Appeals Court Affirms UC’s Right to Reject Insufficient Curricula From Religious Schools

This week, a decision was handed down from an appeals court in California regarding a challenge from some religious high schools that the University of California was discriminating by not accepting their curricula. The Inside Higher Ed Quick Take mentions that some of the schools do not believe in evolution, among other issues. The decision […]

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Educate Yourself: What Talking To Kids About Gay Issues Looks Like (Videos)

Last week, I wrote about my very positive experiences talking to high school students about gay issues as a music educator. Today, in the Prop 8 trial, we saw the defense continue its attempts to suggest that children need to be “protected” from these discussions, suggesting gay marriage might be “forced” upon young people over […]

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Inside Higher Ed Censors Comments On Articles

Inside Higher Ed is a great resource to complement The Chronicle, if for no other reason that it’s free and accessible. As a blogger, I appreciate this because I can count on being able to access articles I want to write about. I also have found the quality of the reporting to be exceptionally detailed […]

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Heterosexual Privilege in Music Education and Those Who Don’t Care

(Cliffnotes of this post: A new article addresses heterosexual privilege in music education, I know about it because of negative reactions on OneNewsNow, and I actually had the opportunity to address LGBT issues while I student taught.) Our society expects those in the music education profession to contribute to societal development by affirming and educating […]

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Social Justice Education = “Indoctrination” and “Reeducation”

Do you know what microaggressions are? Have you ever been in a situation where you were tracking disparities in privilege? Have you ever thought about triggers and the ways you tend to respond to them? Do you understand what white privilege is and why every single white American benefits from it? Do you understand the […]

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IL Parents Afraid of Their Kids Learning About the World They Live In?

If you haven’t heard this story yet, let me catch you up. An English teacher in Piasa, IL, Mr. Dan DeLong, was suspended for giving his Sophomore Honors students an article to read about homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Unsurprisingly, it takes ignorant, paranoid parents to create a situation like this. (You can check out […]

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Hope College Prefers Moral Ignorance Over Cognitive Dissonance

Sometimes I wonder if Christian-affiliated universities just sit around planning really stupid and offensive decisions just so I can write about them. This just in from The Holland Sentinel: An Academy Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter has been barred from a Hope College campus discussion on sexuality because he is an advocate for gay rights. Dustin Lance […]

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Does Higher Education Understand The Culture of Blogging?

It has occurred to me that in my field, student affairs, blogging that addresses social issues is probably unique (or close to it). Student affairs in higher education is an exciting field that a person has to discover. Often, as undergrads, we are involved in various work as RAs, Orientation Leaders, and other student leadership […]

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Christian Universities Struggle With Teaching Legitimate Science

With all the hubbub about Comfort’s upcoming distribution of his version of The Origin of Species on college campuses, Inside Higher Ed has an in-depth piece this week on the teaching of evolution at Christian universities across our country. It makes me sick. Some professors, with support from prominent scientists, are trying to defend the […]

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