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Friday Fundamentalist Farce File #8

I haven’t done one of these in a while! (They’re a lot of work!) With all the teabagging and heckling going on this week, I thought I’d take a look at what our good friends at OneNewsNow and WorldNetDaily have been posting about. It’s the Farce File special back-to-school edition! 9/12/09 – Christian attorneys defend […]

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Academic Standards and Religious Doctrine Don’t Mix

I recognize that my opinion on religiously-affiliated universities is “controversial.” I have been admonished and challenged by my peers and colleagues for suggesting that any religious doctrine is an obstacle to rigorous academic study. You can’t expand human thinking if you are being told how to think. You can’t explore different opinions (academic freedom) and […]

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Academic Freedom: Anti-gay Opinions vs. Anti-gay Untruths

Is academic freedom designed to protect views or protect the right to challenge views… or both?

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“Moral” Judgment vs. Academic Freedom

So, I guess I would say I kind of saw this kind of nonsense coming. I have always been concerned about institutions of higher education who have affiliations so strong with religious organizations that the doctrine dictates the academics.  In my mind, some of them border more on education-affiliated churches than religiously affiliated universities.  Are […]

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