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Two Israeli Ads Americans Need To See

I can’t tell you how many friends I have who have had negative experiences coming out to their parents. In fact, I’m glad I didn’t hear many stories before I came out to mine. There are folks who’ve been disowned. More and more universities are providing emergency funding for when parents decide to no longer […]

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Note About Ads

You’ll probably notice that there are some strange gaps in the format of the page today. Google has suspended my AdSense account due to suspicious clicks. I’ve appealed, but I might not know the situation for a few days. If my account is reinstated, the ads will reappear, so I’ll let the blank spaces persist […]

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Brilliance in Advertising – The “So Obnoxious” Kotex Tampon Commercial (Plus “Vogue”)

Like pretty much everybody who dares think of themselves as a friend of mine, I tuned in last night for the return of Glee! And, as expected, it was FABULOUS. If you haven’t watch it yet, who are you? Seriously. But one of the highlights of the 9:28-10:28 hour came not from Glee itself, but […]

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The Ads That Appear On ZackFord Blogs, Ft. Scientology!

The ads that appear on my blog amuse me. Sometimes they fit what my readers might want to click on and other times the complete opposite. Sometimes there are religious ads. Sometimes there are anti-gay ads. I have a few thoughts about this. I doubt my readers are worried I endorse these things (I definitely […]

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ZFB Background Changes Including New Higher Ed Showcase

Hey all! While I haven’t been posting as much lately, I have been working on some other content in the background that is now complete! Here’s what’s different! The biggest change is the Showcase for Higher Ed Employers and Colleagues. As I job search and grow as a professional, this will be a place I […]

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College Athletics, LGBT Students, and Money, Money, Money

[UPDATE 2/24: Here, now, are articles from The Chronicle and Inside Higher Ed. I still don’t think any university has actually spoken out about this issue. Are they afraid acknowledging they even might have gay athletes (they do) would affect recruitment?] Here’s a question for you: What is the purpose of college athletics? I’m not […]

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Religious Indoctrination at a Discount!

Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the holiday season (though I hear Cyber Monday will be big too). That means that at WorldNetDaily, you can get amazing free gifts with your purchases to further your descent into naïve idiocy! (Note: All links actually go to the WND Superstore… so don’t click unless […]

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Stand For Marriage Maine Hits Close To Home

If you read my blog live on the site (as opposed to in a feed), you may have noticed a new banner ad on the right-hand side. I didn’t create this blog to make money and I definitely don’t want it overrun with ads, but if I can make a few pennies here and there […]

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