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Conservative and Gay: Not Hypocritical, But Not Healthy Either

Just because some conservatives have reconciled their homosexuality doesn’t mean we should applaud them for what they do in the name of the LGBT community.

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Westboro Baptist, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and the KKK: Pick a Side!

The “Culture Wars” are dumb. Who even knows what the expression really means? It seems to me it’s a struggle between the tolerant and intolerant in which the intolerant paint the tolerant as “intolerant” of their intolerance in the name of maintaining their intolerance in the wake of the tolerants’ “intolerance.” In less-confusing rhetoric, everyone […]

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Don’t Read Harry Potter and Don’t Shop at Gap/Diversity Is a Cancer

I really didn’t expect to be writing about this regularly. Honestly. But, this is too good… I wrote last week about the American Family Association’s boycott of Gap, Inc. Just as a reminder, the AFA took umbrage that Gap would not specifically cater to Christianity by taking what Gap called a more inclusive approach. How […]

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