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Society Is Better Off Without Religion: The Supporting Research

Yesterday, I saw a link on the Richard Dawkins Foundation page for an article called “The Chronic Dependence of Popular Religiosity upon Dysfunctional Psychosociological Conditions” written by Gregory Paul for the Evolutionary Psychology journal.  Naturally, I was curious. Not everybody eagerly sits down to read a 30-page academic journal article, but I did. And it […]

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Cowardly Vote Against Marriage Equality in NY

Another setback. How’s that state-by-state strategy working, Joe? The thing that galls me the most is we just sat and watched over two hours of speeches. Only one of them was against marriage equality, almost 20 of them were in favor. There were some amazingly compelling arguments made and I was really honored to watch […]

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Atheism, Contratheism, and Why I’m An Antitheist

Well then! I have no clue what this individual means by my “inferiority complex.” If anything, I think pretty highly of the ideas I present, and I think I continue to make a pretty good case for the prevalence of religious privilege, the undeserved respect that supernatural beliefs, belief systems, and related practices receive in […]

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