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Psst… Astrology Is Still BS!

If you were upset about the announcement that the Zodiac signs are different, you probably owe it to yourself to think about why and where you get meaning in your life.

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Higher Education Should Be Proud of Discouraging Rapture Belief

A college education dramatically affects whether or not folks believe Jesus is returning.

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Is This Why I’m Single?

Yesterday’s Dilbert comic had me asking the question, “Is this why I’m single?” I’d like to think that I have more of a bit-by-bit approach, although the use of the list would be more efficient. I guess the Dilbert characters are all “angry” and “aggressive” when they express their atheism and skepticism.  They’re always hurting […]

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Making Fun of Homeopathy and Astrology Never Gets Old

Dilbert had an awesome comic today! The truth hurts.

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