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LAST CHANCE To Watch Olympic Curling!!

Today and tomorrow are your last chances to watch Olympic curling! My experience talking to folks over the past two weeks is that they tend be adverse to watching curling until they actually watch it and figure out how the game works. Then, they’re hooked. I think it’d be great if curling became a more […]

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Faces For Equality: Lisa Tibbles

Name: Lisa Tibbles Age: 39 Hometown: Cortland, NY Occupation: Program Coordinator, Cortland LGBT Resource Center Why I Found Her at Creating Change: I have to say, as a personal note, that it was pretty awesome that I found Lisa at Creating Change. It was totally a random approach on my part, but it turns out […]

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College Athletics, LGBT Students, and Money, Money, Money

[UPDATE 2/24: Here, now, are articles from The Chronicle and Inside Higher Ed. I still don’t think any university has actually spoken out about this issue. Are they afraid acknowledging they even might have gay athletes (they do) would affect recruitment?] Here’s a question for you: What is the purpose of college athletics? I’m not […]

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