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Queer and Queerer Ep. 41 – The Lime Green Gas Mask Episode

Zack’s sick and Peterson’s been busy, so this week’s episode isn’t exactly coherent. The most recent Glee episode gives us plenty to talk about, including bisexuality and anti-gay violence. Plus, there’s that whole Lady Gaga and Target thing. We also honor the passing of a local LGBT activist with the poem that was used in […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 40 – Bi and Bier (ft. Robyn Ochs)

Peterson and Zack are delighted to welcome the fabulous Robyn Ochs to this week’s episode. Robyn is a renowned speaker at conferences and on college campuses and is particularly known for her bisexuality activism. In this episode, we discuss the complicated nature of sexual identities and the history of bisexual advocacy. Robyn also reminds us of […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 26 – Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

It’s National Coming Out Week, so Zack, Peterson, and guest Marvin Bloom are here to share some coming out stories. Enjoy three unique stories about coming out that don’t quite fit the usual narrative. We also discuss the upcoming NARTH conference in Philadelphia and efforts from Soulforce, Beyond Ex-Gay, and Truth Wins Out to respond […]

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Society Makes You Feel Guilty For Having Sex AND For Not Having Sex

One of the workshops I had the joy of attending at Creating Change was one called Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality, facilitated by the FABULOUS Robyn Ochs, professional bisexual. (If you aren’t familiar with her or her work, then you need to fix that now!) The main thrust (pun intended, as you’ll see) of the […]

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Some Day 9 Mid-Day Updates, Suspect Classes, and Mainstream Coverage

I have to say, today’s testimony is dull, because it’s clear what the defense is trying to do ad nauseam and it’s just not working. Dr. Gregory Herek is testifying on the following three points: 1. The nature of sexual orientation and how it’s understood in sociology and psychology. 2. The immutability of sexual orientation. […]

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The Anti-Christ, Immaculate Conception, and Gay Men’s Sex Roles

What a title! Of course, the three have little in common. Here are three different studies I happened upon today. First, Rachel Maddow shared a poll that found that 35% of New Jersey conservatives answered “Yes” or “Not Sure” when asked if President Obama is the Antichrist. Rachel and guest Frank Schaeffer have some really […]

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Why I Work in LGBT Affairs

It’s simple, really.  I want people to be happy. If you have time, watch yesterday’s episode of Tyra.  Jeremy has the videos laid out nicely over at Good As You (via JMG). Basically, we’re introduced to a lot of gay self-haters.  These are the poor folks that those cruel Ex-Gay Camps try to recruit to […]

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When identities don’t just defy norms, they supercede them…

One of the many great workshops I attended at Creating Change was one about Bisexuality Theory.  It turned into a really interesting conversation about all kinds of identities and the work that we do promoting that “gay agenda” of ours.  Here’s a recap and some of my own thoughts… During the first part of the […]

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