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Queer and Queerer Ep. 65 – Where Do You Get Your News About Vaginas?

It seems these days that everyone is talking about vaginas, except of course for those folks who are offended by people talking about vaginas. Zack and Peterson talk vaginas and the Michigan state representative battle over women’s bodies and rights to their bodies that is also happening all over the United States right now. Depending […]

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Netroots Dispatch: Direct Action vs. Insider Lobbying (There Is No Conflict)

At a superficial level, different strategies might be perceived as conflicting strategies, but there is a synergistic potential waiting to be realized.

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Netroots Dispatch: Blogger/Organization Cooperation (An Effective Case Study)

How an incident at a baseball game helped demonstrate how easy it is for a blogger and organization to work together in response.

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Being The Kind of Blogger One Wants To Be

As LGBT bloggers take steps forward toward working together, other so-called “activists” play the antagonist just to satisfy their own egos.

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The Prop 8 Trial is Back And… Well, The Same Discrimination As Ever

The Prop 8 Trial resumes today with Oral Arguments for the Appeal before the Ninth Circuit. Here’s all the info to get you caught up and help you listen live starting at 1 PM EST (10 AM Pacific).

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Love for Pam Spaulding!

I just wanted to put up a note wishing the best for my friend Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend. Today she is undergoing a hysterectomy, which I hear is not a very fun experience. I’ve followed Pam for a very long time, but only met her for the first time this Summer. We were […]

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No, Really. You Can NOT Change Your Sexual Orientation!

This weekend I will be joining Truth Wins Out and Soulforce in Philadelphia to “lift my luggage” and protest against the evil fallacies of NARTH.

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What The White House Whine Says About The LGBT Blogosphere

Last week, Brian Bond (White House liaison to the LGBT community) met with state-level LGBT equality organizations. At one point, Morgan Meneses-Sheets of Equality Maryland urged that we need the President to support full equality, full inclusion on ENDA and marriage. Bond agreed, but expressed frustration at the often intense criticism levied, particularly by bloggers, […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 16 – The Trans-Continental Netroots Edition

Zack… and Peterson… are coming at you from opposite sides of the continent! Zack is in Las Vegas for Netroots Nation and Peterson is heading off to TransForm New Hampshire. The sound quality is a bit low because it was recorded via phone, but the content quality is at its queerest. Zack shares some of […]

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Reflecting on the Netroots LGBT Precon

Whoo! Netroots hasn’t even officially started yet but I’ve already had a great day with the LGBT Precon today. It was an odd sensation to be looking at the feeds I read every day and then look around and the bloggers whose sites I read daily were right there. For the whole morning, Pam Spaulding […]

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