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Queer and Queerer Ep. 81 – Celibacy: Same Shameful Ingredients In A Shiny New Package

Zack and Peterson are back to talk about a new (old) product on the market: celibacy! Also known as “ex-gay lite.” Since the ex-gay movement has largely crumbled in recent years and it’s no longer convincing to argue that sexual orientation can be changed, conservatives are now encouraging gay, lesbian, and bisexual people to just […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 74 – Coming Back and Moving On

Inspired by Arrested Development, Zack and Peterson have returned from their indeterminate hiatus. Peterson discusses the passing of his father, and Zack offers a few updates from the blogging world. Peterson is also now a climate activist, and rightfully so! If you’re excited that we’re back, you should leave some comments, or tweet us, and […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 67 – So You Think You’re An Ally (ft. Anarchist Reverend Shannon Kearns)

No doubt, allies are crucial to every community, but being an ally is not easy nor simple role to play. Zack and Peterson talk with the Anarchist Revered, Shannon Kearns, to discuss how allies sometimes get it wrong. Sometimes allies make it all about them, or believe that apologizing for the actions of their church […]

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Most Catholics Support Marriage Equality… They Should Act Like It

If so many Catholics support marriage equality (60%!), why does the Catholic Church continue to be an oppressive force against LGBT rights? Catholics who care need to be ready to make real change.

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100th Day of School: A Student’s Perspective on Bullying

A student from the Catholic University of America shares his experience being bullied for his sexual orientation.

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That Time The Pope Actually Wanted to Talk to Me

The Pope announced he wants to have a dialogue with atheists. Here’s what it might look like.

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Will Catholics Ever Admit The Church Has a Problem?

Last week, I was going to write about this story, where a woman at Benedictine University lost her job, but not for being gay or getting married. She lost it because she had the gall to publish a wedding announcement. Change.org followed up with a statement from the university defending the decision, running the appropriate […]

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Why Do I Often Write Against Catholicism? The Catholics Make Me!

Why am I “always” writing against Catholicism? Because Catholic leaders are so often demonizing gays! Here’s the latest example…

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Halloween Special: Catholic Materials for Young Adults

Be scared, be very scared. Here are some “educational resources” Catholic churches and organizations distribute to young people. That’s how I got them to begin with.

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