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Queer and Queerer Ep. 31 – Remembering Brandon Bitner: Moving Forward After a Teen Suicide

It’s been a tough week here in central PA. Peterson and Zack commit this episode to discussing the loss of Brandon Bitner, a local 14-year-old who committed suicide on November 5 after suffering bullying about his perceived gender and sexuality. We talk about learning about his death, attending his funeral, and community reactions afterward. While […]

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Bullying-Induced Suicide in My Backyard

Another bullied teenager commits suicide, and this one hits close to home—literally. And you know what? I’m tired of waiting for it to get better. Here’s my impassioned response to the loss of Brandon Bitner.

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Yes, That Sucked, But We Go On.

Election day was not the best day for progressives, but we have good reasons to keep our chins up and our eyes on the horizon. Rather than bemoan a bloodpath, it’s time to focus on governing again.

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My Letter to the Central PA LGBT Community

This letter appears in today’s Patriot-News. Join the conversation on Pennlive.com. I write today on behalf of the Central Pennsylvania LGBT community. We face many challenges in our lives. We can be denied employment, housing and marriage certificates. Our elders live alone and in poverty. Our youth are bullied and living on the street. We […]

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Some Additional Dispatches from Harrisburg re: NOM

Just wanted to share a couple links to show some more coverage of the National Organization for Marriage rally and counterprotest last week here in central Pennsylvania. Both the Pennsylvania Independent and Philadelphia Gay News have published stories about the goings-down last Friday. (Full disclosure: both stories quote me.) The Independent has some pictures as […]

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A Successful Counterprotest to NOM in Harrisburg, PA (with Photo Gallery)

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What an exciting afternoon at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, PA. The National Organization for Marriage took center “stage” on the steps but we actively responded and created visibility across the street for LGBT equality! (Click on the image to the left for the full interactive gallery or click here if you can’t see […]

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The (Apparent) Power of the Word “Cowardice” (And Why I Write Critically)

Yesterday, I used the word “cowardice” to describe my interpretation of Equality Pennsylvania’s decision to not counterprotest the National Organization for Marriage and to do discourage others from counterprotesting as well. From my point of view, it was an accurate word to use. The definition is “lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, […]

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To Counterprotest or Not To Counterprotest: Courage, Integrity, Tact, and Cowardice

You’re going to let them get away with that? While I’ve been recently arguing that proactive activism needs greater emphasis, here’s why I think reactive activism is still just as important. Join me in counterprotesting NOM this Friday in Harrisburg.

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The Surreptitious Evil That Is Vacation Bible School

I wrote a pretty extensive post earlier this summer about Vacation Bible School, known to many as “Bible Camp” or “Church Camp.” These are week-long (or summer-long) camps designed to keep kids busy and indoctrinate during the long summer months. In that previous post, I showed how many local churches here in Central PA were […]

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ZackFord Vlogs – #8 – Motor Vehicle Precautions from Central PA Newspapers

Read The Daily Item for yourself: » Liverpool woman in critical condition today following fall from moving RV » Peaceful morning disrupted today by a bulldozer

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