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Some Day 10 Mid-Day Updates and Coverage: Children, Children, Children

Much of this morning’s proceedings was used to discuss various documents the plaintiffs wanted to admit to evidence. The defense dutifully tried to object, but almost all of it was admitted. Among the documents were some videos demonstrating the way Proposition 8 was promoted. In the videos, various people testified to links with incest, pedophilia, […]

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ADF Invokes Same Demonization Tactic It’s Trying To Downplay

I haven’t written as much about the Alliance Defense Fund, but I’m sure many of you know that they are a Christian legal group working with Protect Marriage to defend Proposition 8. They also put out their own twisted interpretations of the proceedings and other propaganda to rally support for “traditional marriage.” If you’ve been […]

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Day 5 of the Prop 8 Trial: For the Love of Children and Family

This has been an incredibly long week, but today was no less intense. Dr. Michael Lamb was on the stand most of the day, defending not only the children of same-sex couples, but also science itself and basic research methods. Here were a few of my favorite quotes in this regard: Science is a cumulative […]

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Doing Wrong for “Right,” The Continuing Ex-Gay Lesbian Custody Battle

You may remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the Vermont-Virginia lesbian custody battle. My simple goal at the time was to debunk the WND article on the matter. Now, there’s been an interesting new development that I’d like to comment on (and then we’ll see how WND’s compares—if they even comment further). […]

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Unsurprisingly, There Are SO Many Things Wrong With This WND Story

Wow! Where to begin. I think more than anything, the way this story on WorldNetDaily is written shows how nothing is more important than maintaining the dominance of Christianity to right-wing extremists. Let’s start with the headline: Lesbian awarded custody of Christian’s only child Admittedly, the “lesbian” in question is demonstratively (and in this case, […]

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Swedish Middle Schoolers Challenge Toys “R” Us’s Patriarchy

I’ve found that teaching patriarchy and introducing people to the idea of male privilege and gender roles is not always easy. Responses like “it’s not that bad,” or “those messages don’t have a significant effect” are common. Well, some sixth graders in Sweden get it and have worked hard to call it out when they […]

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