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Queer And Queerer Ep. 79 – Quest of the Holy Placenta

Zack and Peterson are together for the holidays, and rather than yak about Utah or Duck Dynasty, the two follow the travels of the afterbirth of Jesus in the Lost Gospel of the Holy Placenta. Enjoy this lighthearted and only slightly blasphemous holiday episode and let us know what you want to hear from us […]

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The Reason for the Season: It’s Dark

A simple holiday greeting from ZFb, with a reminder of what’s really important this time of year.

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 35 – An Xmas/Festivus Carol

A very special holiday episode of the Queer and Queerer Podcast that you should totally listen to.

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New Christmas Toys, Old Gender Conditioning

There are only 67 days until Christmas!!! So, last night, I’m watching Brothers & Sisters like a good gay, and all of a sudden I see a commercial for a new toy aimed at 2-4 year-old’s. This is the long-form of the commercial: Yes, Pop On Pals. First, let me say that even though I’m […]

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Atheist Free Speech = Atheist “Hate”?

Every time atheism gets attacked, it makes me wonder just how insecure some folks must be with their beliefs. Atheists, as a stigmatized group, are an easy target for that insecurity, and William J. Kelly, Republican candidate for Illinois comptroller, is very insecure. Because I haven’t covered this issue before, here’s some background. The Illinois […]

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Some ZFb Holiday Tidbits

Hey everybody! Here are just a couple of little highlights worth checking out… » Don’t forget! Tonight is the finale of The Sing-Off. Voices of Lee, the group from gay-hostile Lee University, is in the finals. » On Friday, I wrote a piece called, “How Long Until We Have Campus Atheist Resource Centers?” This post, […]

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What’s Your Favorite Atheist Holiday Tradition?

After two heavy days of IC Pianogate, I can’t think of anything better to get us back on track than some Atheist Holiday Traditions, courtesy of Big Fat Whale (hat tip Friendly Atheist). If Parson Brown says “Are ya married?” we’ll say “No, sir, and it’s your damn fault we’re still not allowed to! Stop […]

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Some “War On Christmas” Humor

ZFb has felt pretty heavy lately, so here’s some good clean fun, courtesy of David Willis’ Shortpacked! By the way, apparently a GAP commercial recently featured the word “Christmas” prominently enough for the AFA to call off their boycott. I think that makes the AFA look weak. They’re like Beetlejuice, just say “Christmas” three times […]

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Religious Indoctrination at a Discount!

Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the holiday season (though I hear Cyber Monday will be big too). That means that at WorldNetDaily, you can get amazing free gifts with your purchases to further your descent into naïve idiocy! (Note: All links actually go to the WND Superstore… so don’t click unless […]

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An Atheist Who Loves The Xmas Season

(Hey readers! I’ll probably be linking back to this 2009 post in years to come, so I hope it’s a worthwhile read, if only to explain the seasonal logo I use. It draws a lot on one of my previous posts, An Atheist Who Loves Gospel Music, and also this post by Greg Laden and […]

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