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Don’t Read Harry Potter and Don’t Shop at Gap/Diversity Is a Cancer

I really didn’t expect to be writing about this regularly. Honestly. But, this is too good… I wrote last week about the American Family Association’s boycott of Gap, Inc. Just as a reminder, the AFA took umbrage that Gap would not specifically cater to Christianity by taking what Gap called a more inclusive approach. How […]

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GAP – “Christmas” = Inclusivity + Bigotry? WHAT?

I don’t want this whole blog to turn into a running account on the “War on Christmas.” I want organizations who aren’t kowtowing to whiny Christians to feel supported, but I don’t want to make it seem like anybody really cares about these issues. I certainly won’t be calling for any boycotts of stores that […]

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A Celebration of Oppression – The AFA “Christmas” Campaign Claims KY

There’s some nice alliteration in the title there! Remember that ridiculous American Family Association “God’s Gift” save Christmas campaign I wrote about in September? This just in from Tim Wildmon: Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear did not like a Christmas tree being called a Christmas tree. So he changed it. According to the Associated Press, Gov. […]

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AFA: We’ve Only Got 3 Months To Save Christmas!

Today is September 22. That means you only have 95 shopping days until Christmas, assuming you celebrate Christmas. The American Family Association has this great idea that everybody should be subjected to Christmas. You know why, of course. Because everybody‘s favorite annual commercial exploit is “God’s Gift.” I’ll just let this ridiculous reinforcement of Christian/religious […]

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