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ACPA Reminds Us There Are No Atheist Students

ACPA’s reminder to sign up for a conference call on religious pluralism and interfaith cooperation reminds us how secular students continue to be ignored and disregarded on our college campuses.

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Atheists Know The Most About Religion. Duh.

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that atheists know the most about religion and education makes a big difference.

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Theatre Review: I Can See Sarah Palin From My Window

Sarah Palin, you say you can see us from your vindow. Vell, ve can also see you from our vindow, and ve like vhat ve see. So says Vlad, one of six memorable characters who weave together Peterson Toscano’s new play, I Can See Sarah Palin From My Window: Lessons Before The Second Coming. Those […]

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Pick: Kids Learn About Gays or Kids Kill Themselves

The groups who claim to protect children are doing children the most harm. The suicides of two 15-year-olds and new climate studies about our schools show just how catastrophic the problem is.

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Higher Education Should Be Proud of Discouraging Rapture Belief

A college education dramatically affects whether or not folks believe Jesus is returning.

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Catholics for Equality: Laudable, Laughable, or Simply Oxymoronic?

If you actively support the Catholic Church but claim to support LGBT equality, what is it you actually stand for?

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The Children Meme: Two Can Play at That Game

World Net Daily wants to get your kid ready to get back to school…err, rather, back from school.

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The Prop 8 Decision: The Findings of Fact (Everything We Should Learn From This Trial)

I want to begin my coverage of the Prop 8 decision (Read it on Scribd) with the Findings of Fact. This is the series of 80 points Judge Walker used to organize the multitudes of information in the case. Note that these are not all the ideas that were presented in the case; these are […]

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We Atheists Do Declare! (The Copenhagen Declaration on Religion in Public Life)

So, like, as an atheist, you believe nothing? Everybody believes in something. I shy away from using the word “believe” to describe my values, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have values! In fact, there are a lot of cool things that I support, and as an atheist, I’m not alone in this regard! Last […]

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Cronk: Mirror Universe Supreme Court (Christian Legal Society v. Martinez)

How would things have looked in a mirror universe where the Supreme Court ruled the other way in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez? My article today on The Cronk of Higher Education explores how things might have been different. Here’s a preview: In a groundbreaking decision this week, the United States Supreme Court has ruled […]

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