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The Game-Changing Importance of GetEQUAL’s Direct Action Campaign

As you may have already heard, GetEQUAL has stepped up its direct action campaign. Yesterday, protesters interrupted President Obama’s speech at a Barbara Boxer fundraiser, calling for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Today, six LGBT veterans chained themselves to the White House fence and have just been arrested. Here is the GetEQUAL press […]

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Dan Choi, HRC, The “Schism,” and Mixed Messages

[Update: Joe Solmonese answered some questions today from the DC Agenda and said… nothing remarkable. John Aravosis and Pam Spaulding are writing on this issue today as well.] I had the pleasure of meeting Lt. Dan Choi last night at a speaking engagement at Susquehanna University. As always, he spoke quite strongly and definitely ruffled […]

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