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Is This Why I’m Single?

Yesterday’s Dilbert comic had me asking the question, “Is this why I’m single?” I’d like to think that I have more of a bit-by-bit approach, although the use of the list would be more efficient. I guess the Dilbert characters are all “angry” and “aggressive” when they express their atheism and skepticism.  They’re always hurting […]

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Do I Have a Successful Blog?

Do I have a successful blog? I try to do both, but like the smartass in today’s xkcd, I spend more time thinking about content. I want readers who come to the site because they are interested in the content, and hopefully want to interact with it. How am I doing, dutiful reader(s)?

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Atheism vs. Agnosticism in the Context of Religious Privilege

Seeing as how today is the unconstitutional National Day of Prayer and Daniel Florien just hosted an epic discussion about Atheism and Agnosticism over at Unreasonable Faith, I thought I would tap the very roots of my blog and offer my own perspective on the language of nonbelief in the context of religious privilege. I’ve […]

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The Cycle of Uncritical Thinking in the United States

I found this amazing comic on CampusProgress yesterday, and I just want to say a word before I share it. This “circle of stupidity,” as the comic is called, is exactly why I write this blog. It is exactly why I unabashedly challenge religion at every opportunity. Critical thinking is sorely lacking in our society […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 3 – Men as Feminists, Political Outing, and Archie

Zack gives Peterson a ride to the train station and they decide to record another episode before his train departs! This week we revisit the topic that first came up in Episode 1 about whether men can be feminists or should just be pro-feminists. We also discuss the Tea Party threatened outing of Senator Lindsey […]

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There’s Enough Goose To Make Up For The Abstruseness

So, today I discovered a new webcomic that I very much enjoy! It’s called Abstruse Goose. This was the comic that drew me in: If you don’t get it, click here. Abstruse Goose is reminiscent of xkcd, except with notably more math and physics references I don’t get. I like it; it’s intellectually humbling. Seeing […]

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Reminder: Don’t Forget To Pray…

Via someecards: Click to send this card to a friend! Or someone who’s not a friend…

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Laughing At Catholics Is So Easy It Hurts

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation (via Atheist Cartoons): Actually, I think the point is to stop financially supporting all the things you don’t. The comic doesn’t even mention good ol’ homosexuality. You could make a whole additional row just for gay marriage, gay adoption, and gay nondiscrimination. I would […]

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Psst… Hey Higher Ed, Spirituality Is Still Religion

I saw this cartoon and it reminded me of the hegemonic religious privilege in student affairs: Spirituality demands belief. It doesn’t apply to nonbelievers. I still cringe when I see folks wearing those “I believe” wristbands from ACPA last year. For the record, I don’t.

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Some “War On Christmas” Humor

ZFb has felt pretty heavy lately, so here’s some good clean fun, courtesy of David Willis’ Shortpacked! By the way, apparently a GAP commercial recently featured the word “Christmas” prominently enough for the AFA to call off their boycott. I think that makes the AFA look weak. They’re like Beetlejuice, just say “Christmas” three times […]

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