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Atheism vs. Agnosticism in the Context of Religious Privilege

Seeing as how today is the unconstitutional National Day of Prayer and Daniel Florien just hosted an epic discussion about Atheism and Agnosticism over at Unreasonable Faith, I thought I would tap the very roots of my blog and offer my own perspective on the language of nonbelief in the context of religious privilege. I’ve […]

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Atheism, Contratheism, and Why I’m An Antitheist

Well then! I have no clue what this individual means by my “inferiority complex.” If anything, I think pretty highly of the ideas I present, and I think I continue to make a pretty good case for the prevalence of religious privilege, the undeserved respect that supernatural beliefs, belief systems, and related practices receive in […]

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Reconceptualizing Atheism, Introducing “Antibelief” and “Contratheism”

Over at Atheist Revolution, vjack offered some discussion today about how we talk about belief and nonbelief.  It’s pretty clear what atheism means to those of us who identify with it, but there are a lot of distinctions that go undocumented.  For example, I think most people think that “atheism” means anybody who doesn’t believe […]

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