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The Absurdity Of Rejecting Transgender Identities: A Response To Widely-Circulated Harmful Bigotry

This is a response to the wildly transphobic Public Discourse piece, “The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique,” by Carlos Flores, president of the UC Santa Barbara Anscombe Society, an organization that takes conservative (read: anti-LGBT, among other things) positions on “family, marriage, and sexual integrity.” Flores basically argues that there is no […]

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Creating an Atheist-Inclusive Creating Change and LGBT Movement

Creating Change 2011 and its spirituality subconference created a space that was not inclusive of atheists and nonbelievers. This post includes examples of some of the marginalizing language, reflections from the atheist caucus, and suggestions for creating a more inclusive conference in the future.

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NGLTF’s Apparently “Extremist” Vision, According to AFTAH

Peter LaBarbera and his org, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, are trying to smear the Creating Change conference with some of the scary things they saw there. Let’s shine a little light on their absurd fear-mongering.

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 39 – Trans Allies Gone Wild

Freshly back from Creating Change and AWP, Zack and Peterson are energized to be advocates and writers. This week’s episode focuses on a roundup of news related to the transgender community, including unfunny sketches on Craig Ferguson and SNL, hate crimes, and a big new study that reveals “Injustice at Every Turn” for the trans […]

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Topsy Turvy World: My Ongoing Dialogue with Peter LaBarbera

Who would have thought that the infamous anti-LGBT AFTAH leader Peter LaBarbera and I could engage in a meaningful discussion? Take a look at the dialogue so far.

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Sexual Liberation, Desire, and Queer Equality

After spending a full day discussing and exploring sexual liberation at Creating Change, I reflect on some of my own personal growth and the amazing conversations about sex and desire that are possible when we allow ourselves to go there.

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That Post Zack Writes in the Airport After Creating Change (2011)

Tired, drained, and sappy, here is my first reflection upon my departure from Creating Change 2011.

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Follow the Creating Change Tweets!

Well, despite all the crazy weather happening across the U.S., I got to Minneapolis without any complications. I’m very excited to be here for Creating Change, the National Conference on LGBT Equality. While my experience at CC over the next few days will give me plenty of food for thought, it will keep me from […]

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Religion Alive and Well at Creating Change 2011

The pendulum continues to swing towards embracing religion in the LGBT community. Here’s a look at just how prevalent conversations of faith will be at this week’s Creating Change conference.

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What Would YOU Want to Experience at Creating Change?

If you could be at Creating Change, what workshops would you attend? Leave me some feedback and I’ll try to blog about those sessions!

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