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Queer and Queerer Ep. 44 – Reeking of Faith Pt. 2

Imposing an every-22-episodes tradition, Zack and Peterson are back this week to continue the open conversation about religion that began in Ep. 22, Reeking of Faith. This week, the conversation revolves around the idea of truth and knowledge and the motivations for good deeds. The goal of these episodes is to generate discussion, so please […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 21 – Fundamentalist Christianity: Where Non-thinkers Go To Die?

Zack and Peterson work on mending their relationship after the Joe Gee debacle by discussing fundamentalist Christianity. Angela from Austria thinks that fundamentalist Christianity is a great way to absorb “non-thinkers” who might be recruited by more dangerous groups (like neo-Nazis). From the conversation that ensues, you almost wouldn’t know that Peterson’s a believer and […]

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We Atheists Do Declare! (The Copenhagen Declaration on Religion in Public Life)

So, like, as an atheist, you believe nothing? Everybody believes in something. I shy away from using the word “believe” to describe my values, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have values! In fact, there are a lot of cool things that I support, and as an atheist, I’m not alone in this regard! Last […]

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The Cycle of Uncritical Thinking in the United States

I found this amazing comic on CampusProgress yesterday, and I just want to say a word before I share it. This “circle of stupidity,” as the comic is called, is exactly why I write this blog. It is exactly why I unabashedly challenge religion at every opportunity. Critical thinking is sorely lacking in our society […]

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Personal Experience Doesn’t Count; Wanting Truth Is Not The Same As Finding Truth

I mentioned briefly back in January that Liberty University was going on an expedition to find Noah’s Ark. Well, it turns out they found it! Look! Here’s some wood: Believe them now? You shouldn’t, even though all of a sudden Christians were buying into carbon dating. In fact, as if you needed it, PZ reported […]

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Atheism Pervading The Subconscious Vernacular? “It is what it is.”

This week, a poll was released determining the most annoying language currently used. The winner was, you know, whatever. But it was one of the other results that I think is a lot more interesting. It could be that I’m making much ado about nothing, but hear me out. The second runner up was, “It […]

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