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Powerless: All or Nothing LGBT Support of Democrats

In the lead-up to next week’s election, leaders in the LGBT movement have offered a choice: “Vote Democratic or you’re responsible for the Republicans taking over and persecuting us all!”

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When It Comes To LGBT, The D’s are Full of BS

Like Wile E. Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner, the Dems take another stab at appeasing the LGBT community and fail.

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Protect Marriage, Day 7: We Don’t Get It (And That’s Our Case)

Apparently, Pugno had the chance to get some more spin up about yesterday’s proceedings, and he’s mad! Let’s take a look. A Head Shaker of an Afternoon Religious bigotry found an inordinate amount of expression in the seventh full day of testimony by the plaintiffs.  According to their witness, Stanford professor Gary Segura, the homosexual […]

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Hold Dems Accountable For NJ’s Anti-Gay Discrimination

When you look at the role-call vote for yesterday’s Marriage Equality bill in the New Jersey Senate, something interesting (and not even subtle) is apparent. The bill lost 14-20. But there were six Democrats who voted against it as well as three who abstained. Two Republicans didn’t show. But let’s say all the Democrats had […]

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