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Navigating the Schism in the LGBT Movement

I first wrote about the schism in our movement back in March, but an extremely thorough piece on Congress.org paints an updated picture on where things stand through the lens of DADT repeal. I, personally, have been chastised for speaking out against what could perhaps be called the “old guard” of the movement with the […]

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When It Comes To LGBT, The D’s are Full of BS

Like Wile E. Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner, the Dems take another stab at appeasing the LGBT community and fail.

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The Blog Swarm To Pressure HRC On DADT

[UPDATED: HRC has responded by playing it safe. The same old disappointment.] [UPDATED AGAIN: HRC’s official statement rings hollow.] Today, a number of blogs are putting the pressure on HRC to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. This blog swarm is organized by AMERICAblog Gay, with participants like Pam Spaulding at Pam’s House Blend and even […]

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Prop 8 Trial Week 1 Weekend Updates (Sunday)

Here is another round of relevant articles about Perry v. Schwarzenegger. » MLK Day: An Opportunity for President Obama to Speak Out in Favor of Equal Rights by The Advocate’s Jon Barrett (Editor in Chief) This article is not specifically about Proposition 8, but has particular significance this weekend. The Advocate’s Editor in Chief, Jon […]

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Hold Dems Accountable For NJ’s Anti-Gay Discrimination

When you look at the role-call vote for yesterday’s Marriage Equality bill in the New Jersey Senate, something interesting (and not even subtle) is apparent. The bill lost 14-20. But there were six Democrats who voted against it as well as three who abstained. Two Republicans didn’t show. But let’s say all the Democrats had […]

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