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The Social Justice Ally Refresher We All Need

Check out this awesome video! Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones gives 6 rules for allies (cross race/gender/sexuality/nationality/religion etc) in her keynote speech given 2/19/10 at a luncheon sponsored by Abriendo Brecha Vll Conference and The Seventeenth Annual Emerging Scholarship In Women’s and Gender Studies Conference UT Austin (hat tip: Sharon Bridgforth): Being an ally is a […]

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Are We Settling For DADT Scraps Tonight? Let’s Hold Out.

I’m going to keep this brief. A lot of blogs have been buzzing that Obama’s going to mention Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in his State of the Union just a few hours from now. So what? Is he going to sign an Executive Order tonight to end DADT discharges? If not, then we shouldn’t care. […]

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Hey Obama, The New York Times Would Be a Great Role Model For You Today

Remember when Obama gave a half-assed statement about the challenges to equality in Maine in Washington without actually even naming the states in question? It was two weeks ago and it wasn’t very encouraging. It’s worse when you factor in that since then the Department of Justice has actually defended DOMA from the Massachusetts lawsuit, […]

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Faces For Equality: Jaquelline Robertson (aka “Lexi Divine”)

Name: Jaquelline Robertson (aka “Lexi Divine”) Age: 51 Hometown: Burlington, VT Occupation: Master’s Student in Psychology and Counseling (Queer Studies Focus) at Goddard College/”Fairy God Mother”/”Dominatrix on the Side” Why I Found Her at The NEM: Let me just take a moment to say that this woman is fabulous. I mean, take a look at […]

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Can We Please Stop Wasting So Much Time Talking About Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

I’m kind of sick of hearing about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Every time the mainstream media reminds us about the March/HRC dinner, the one issue they specify is Obama pledged to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. They don’t talk about the full equality we were marching for. They highlight this one tiny little issue. Here’s […]

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Blatant homophobic job discrimination NEVER happens anymore!

…except in Tennessee. Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You has been offering some great coverage about a hotel owner in Memphis who has been firing quite a few people for quite a number of bad reasons. First it was David Hill.  Then it was the Assistant General Manager who was asked to fire David, […]

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