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PA Legislators Kickoff LGBT Freedom Week Supporting Same-Sex Couples

PA State Senator Daylin Leach and Representative Mark Cohen each introduced bills today extending rights to same-sex couples in the Commonwealth.

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A Weekend Response to NARTH (Lifting Luggage and the Soulforce Symposium)

This weekend, there were two responses to the NARTH conference in Philadelphia. Check out pictures from the “Lift Your Luggage” protest and my thoughts about how the LGBT movement addresses (and doesn’t address) the ex-gay movement.

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No, Really. You Can NOT Change Your Sexual Orientation!

This weekend I will be joining Truth Wins Out and Soulforce in Philadelphia to “lift my luggage” and protest against the evil fallacies of NARTH.

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Stonewall Uprising and Youth Panel in Central PA Last Night, Counterprotest Today

So last night I attended the alternative event organized by Equality Pennsylvania and the Central PA LGBT Community Center in response to NOM’s arrival here in Harrisburg today. The event consisted of a screening of the new documentary Stonewall Uprising, which I found particularly compelling. Even when you know a lot of the history and […]

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The (Apparent) Power of the Word “Cowardice” (And Why I Write Critically)

Yesterday, I used the word “cowardice” to describe my interpretation of Equality Pennsylvania’s decision to not counterprotest the National Organization for Marriage and to do discourage others from counterprotesting as well. From my point of view, it was an accurate word to use. The definition is “lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, […]

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To Counterprotest or Not To Counterprotest: Courage, Integrity, Tact, and Cowardice

You’re going to let them get away with that? While I’ve been recently arguing that proactive activism needs greater emphasis, here’s why I think reactive activism is still just as important. Join me in counterprotesting NOM this Friday in Harrisburg.

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