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The Children Meme: Two Can Play at That Game

World Net Daily wants to get your kid ready to get back to school…err, rather, back from school.

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The Surreptitious Evil That Is Vacation Bible School

I wrote a pretty extensive post earlier this summer about Vacation Bible School, known to many as “Bible Camp” or “Church Camp.” These are week-long (or summer-long) camps designed to keep kids busy and indoctrinate during the long summer months. In that previous post, I showed how many local churches here in Central PA were […]

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Covert Evangelism/Underhanded Generosity + The Vacation Bible School Ruse

They say that no good deed goes unpunished, so I guess today that makes me the punisher. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about evangelism in response to “Shelonda,” who had left a comment here on the blog. In the comments for that post, my friend Kevin and I discussed mission work, and […]

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Zack Responds To Negative Feedback

I assumed when I started my blog 16 months ago that I was inviting torrents of hateful, angry email. Really, I haven’t gotten much. I don’t have a huge readership, so that makes some sense. People do disagree with certain posts here and there, which is great—I love critical feedback and the opportunity to grow […]

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Science and Religion Are Not Compatible: The Seminary Says So

I love a good ironic headline. I have a lot of questions about this article on Inside Higher Ed. The article is about Bruce K. Waltke, an evangelical scholar (oxymoron?) of the Old Testament (nevermind) who was a professor (I guess) at Reformed Theological Seminary until he supported evolution in a recent lecture. So first […]

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ZackFord Vlogs #7 – Moody Weather, Easter, and Trivial ZFb Updates

Here are some of the posts from this past week I mentioned in the video: » Dan Choi, HRC, The “Schism,” and Mixed Messages » I Saw Maggie Gallagher in Person! Nothing to report. Here’s a photo of me and my co-intern Peper with Norm the Navel from 2007: Here’s a video news report about […]

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Prop 8 Trial Week 1 Weekend Updates (Sunday)

Here is another round of relevant articles about Perry v. Schwarzenegger. » MLK Day: An Opportunity for President Obama to Speak Out in Favor of Equal Rights by The Advocate’s Jon Barrett (Editor in Chief) This article is not specifically about Proposition 8, but has particular significance this weekend. The Advocate’s Editor in Chief, Jon […]

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Appeals Court Affirms UC’s Right to Reject Insufficient Curricula From Religious Schools

This week, a decision was handed down from an appeals court in California regarding a challenge from some religious high schools that the University of California was discriminating by not accepting their curricula. The Inside Higher Ed Quick Take mentions that some of the schools do not believe in evolution, among other issues. The decision […]

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Oh, You Want Me To See All The Crap You Spout? Well, THANK YOU!

There’s a phenomenon that takes place in social networking that many are familiar with, particularly Twitter users. It’s when people follow you specifically because they want you to see their stuff. There are plenty of Twitter bots programmed just to search for keywords and then follow anybody who uses those words. (Try tweeting something about […]

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Religious Universities: “Seeing the Light” Means Turning a Blind Eye

As I have written about before, I have three major complaints about religiously-affiliated universities (though they’re arguably more complex than how I’ll present them here): » Handicapping of critical thinking by comparing religious “truth” to scientific “truth” (like Liberty University’s Noah’s Ark expedition, for example.) » Social restrictions that hamper student development, as well as […]

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