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Why Is It “Disrespectful” and “Offensive” To Challenge Religious Beliefs?

The question that is the title of this post is essentially the nature of this blog (and this blogger’s intentions), particularly because I don’t intellectually respect beliefs (ideas confidently held as truth without proof). Even though I’ve talked about these ideas a lot, I still feel like it takes a lot of courage to say […]

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What’s Your Favorite Atheist Holiday Tradition?

After two heavy days of IC Pianogate, I can’t think of anything better to get us back on track than some Atheist Holiday Traditions, courtesy of Big Fat Whale (hat tip Friendly Atheist). If Parson Brown says “Are ya married?” we’ll say “No, sir, and it’s your damn fault we’re still not allowed to! Stop […]

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How The AFA Spins Creationist Propaganda

Apparently, right now as I write and post this, there is an exciting webcast taking place! I got an email alert as it started. That’s a classy way to attract audiences. I thought I’d just share with you exactly how the American Family Association is working to protect the American family. For reasons beyond my […]

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Society Is Better Off Without Religion: The Supporting Research

Yesterday, I saw a link on the Richard Dawkins Foundation page for an article called “The Chronic Dependence of Popular Religiosity upon Dysfunctional Psychosociological Conditions” written by Gregory Paul for the Evolutionary Psychology journal.  Naturally, I was curious. Not everybody eagerly sits down to read a 30-page academic journal article, but I did. And it […]

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Why I Have Mixed Feelings About Thanksgiving

Let me be honest, there are a lot of things I like about Thanksgiving. I think it’s nice to get together with the ones you love. I very much enjoy the food that is served. And I like the idea of modesty and not taking things for granted. Showing each other gratitude is never something […]

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Fallacy After Fallacy: The Flawed Paranoia of Marriage-Equality Opponents

This weekend, a column appeared in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune attacking same-sex marriage, apparently without counterpoint (Hat tip: Towleroad). In the column, Katherine Kersten writes fallacy after fallacy in an attempt to rally fear and disgust. Since the newspaper published this disgusting collection of lies without any other points of view, I thought I would take […]

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IL Parents Afraid of Their Kids Learning About the World They Live In?

If you haven’t heard this story yet, let me catch you up. An English teacher in Piasa, IL, Mr. Dan DeLong, was suspended for giving his Sophomore Honors students an article to read about homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Unsurprisingly, it takes ignorant, paranoid parents to create a situation like this. (You can check out […]

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Balloon Boy Demonstrates Challenge of Spreading Atheism

Like so many across our country yesterday, I was captivated by the live news coverage of the out-of-control helium balloon that supposedly was occupied by six-year-old Falcon Heene. I listened to coverage about height, speed, trajectory, temperature, and so on. I watched it land. I watched the kid not be there. I tweeted about it. […]

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Christian Universities Struggle With Teaching Legitimate Science

With all the hubbub about Comfort’s upcoming distribution of his version of The Origin of Species on college campuses, Inside Higher Ed has an in-depth piece this week on the teaching of evolution at Christian universities across our country. It makes me sick. Some professors, with support from prominent scientists, are trying to defend the […]

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Friday Fundamentalist Farce File #8

I haven’t done one of these in a while! (They’re a lot of work!) With all the teabagging and heckling going on this week, I thought I’d take a look at what our good friends at OneNewsNow and WorldNetDaily have been posting about. It’s the Farce File special back-to-school edition! 9/12/09 – Christian attorneys defend […]

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