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HRC’s Facebook Wall Gets a Piece of My Mind

Watch how the blind supporters of the Human Rights Campaign react when someone challenges the work their organization does for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Also, charges were mysteriously dropped this morning against Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. James Pietrangelo.

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In Case You’re Curious… (Some Subtle ZFb Changes)

Check out the cool new ways to interact with ZFb, including email subscriptions, new tools for comments, and better Facebook integration!

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ZFb Is Now Facebook-Ready

Today was one of those days where I spent hours messing around with the blog to ultimately not accomplish very much. However, ZackFord Blogs is now connected to the brand new Facebook social plugins. At the bottom of each post (and I mean the VERY bottom, just above the comments), you can now “Recommend” a […]

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A Microcosmic Healthcare “Debate”

Hooray for HCR passing the House last night! The following is an aftershock… Seriously, don’t read this unless you are having a very slow Monday. It will frustrate you. I could have protected the identities of the people in this, but meh. Their names won’t come up in search results. It was on a wall, […]

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Facebook Populism Wastes Time and Inhibits Activism

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz on my Facebook news feed about my friends joining three Facebook groups: I bet we can find 1,000,000 People who Support Same Sex Marriage, 1 Million Strong For Same-Sex Marriage Throughout The Entire United States, and I Bet We Can Find 10 Million People Who Support Same-Sex […]

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Oh The Irony Of Atheists’ Threatening To Pray

This is just funny. And I’m going to preface that it’s funny in one of those “offensive” ways that really isn’t offensive. It’s only offensive if you take things seriously. Then again, it specifically targets people who take these things seriously, so it’s bound to be received as offensive. It’s fun being an outspoken atheist […]

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Be a man! Be insensitive, overaggressive, homophobic knuckleheads like us!

So, I saw on Facebook today that some of my friends were participating in an event called National Man Day on Monday, June 15. Here is an excerpt from the event’s description: I’m not asking you to throw some sissy party, or to go buy a new power tie because you’re a man. All I’m […]

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Catching up my thoughts on Rick Warren at Inauguration…

So, I’m one of those people who is livid with the Rick Warren pick for the Invocation at Obama’s Inauguration.  Frankly, the fact that there are interludes of prayer at a civil ceremony irritates me enough as it is (I’ll blog about that within the next two weeks), but to then invite a homophobic, non-inclusive […]

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