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Zack’s #AskAnAtheist Twitter Campaign

Here are my humorous responses to the “Ask an Atheist” questions I welcomed on Twitter this past Wednesday.

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Pastafarians Should Be Ashamed of Historic Homophobia

From Cosmo Jarvis, a tribute to gay pirates: You may recall that according to the beliefs of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (of which I am a member), pirates are “absolute divine beings,” essentially the great prophets of Pastafarianism. It has never been a secret to me that there are gay pirates, but it […]

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A Glimpse Back: The Long Road To Coming Out As An Atheist

Arguably, disclosing one’s identity as an atheist is a coming out process. Like coming out as gay, it is the unveiling of an invisible identity known to be stigmatized by society, so I think it is safe to assume there are similarities in the process. There are significant differences too—most importantly that one can choose […]

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