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If Money is Speech, Then Speech Isn’t Free

Keith Olbermann’s sudden departure last week ought to make us think about just how free our speech really is. Can there be speech without profit?

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Who Says Teabaggers Aren’t Racist? Here’s One!

Zack Ford, you are a Marxist piece of shit! You really can go “F” yourself! BTW, there is a growing concensus that “The only good Marxist, is a dead one!”  Got to say, I can’t find much of a problem with that saying! You need to keep playing with the unarmed minds of our young […]

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A Microcosmic Healthcare “Debate”

Hooray for HCR passing the House last night! The following is an aftershock… Seriously, don’t read this unless you are having a very slow Monday. It will frustrate you. I could have protected the identities of the people in this, but meh. Their names won’t come up in search results. It was on a wall, […]

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Bill O’Reilly Defends Us(?); Catholic Church Still Sucks

So last week, I highlighted a number of news stories that show just how rotten the Catholic Church can be when they use their beliefs to defend their discrimination. One of those stories was about a preschooler kicked out of a Catholic-run school for having lesbian parents. The archdiocese defends these actions with the same […]

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In Case You Weren’t Sure What Transphobia Looked Like

(Hat tips to Pam Spaulding and Big Hollywood.) When we talk about homophobia and transphobia, it’s usually not people who are overtly hurtful. Often such feelings can lie just under the surface of a “supportive,” “I have gay friends,” façade. All it takes is a catalyst and it all comes rolling out. And it can […]

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