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That Time The Pope Actually Wanted to Talk to Me

The Pope announced he wants to have a dialogue with atheists. Here’s what it might look like.

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The Chronicle Review Highlights Trite Anti-Atheist Memes

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an editorial by (Eastern) religious apologist Stephen Asma, who was all too eager to trot out the same old baseless arguments against atheism and primal arguments for preserving, if not enshrining, religion for decades to come.

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Some Papal Logic For Your Weekend

As you may know, the Pope’s in the UK! It’s a big waste of time and money, but whatever, the three or four Catholics there in Britain will be ecstatic! As you may also know, the Pope is infallible. Technically he has to invoke his power of infallibility to be infallible, but if he has […]

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In Which I Confess To Being a SNOOT, But Hear Me Out

Online dating has its ups and downs. You can meet a lot more people, but the quality of those interactions tends to be more superficial. My biggest peeve with the medium is that there isn’t much etiquette. The worst example of this bad etiquette is that people will just stop talking to you—things will seem […]

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Friday Fundamentalist Farce File #6

It takes a lot of time to generate the Farce File, but it still feels like shooting fish in a barrel.  OneNewsNow is almost too easy to debunk.  It’s definitely still fun though, until you get weeks like this where the shit really piles up. This week’s themes: 1) Let’s legislate religion and pretend we’re […]

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What Happens When We Don’t Encourage Critical Thinking: TeaBagging.

One of the biggest challenges I have being an atheist is reconciling the fact that by challenging people to do critical thinking, I am actually violating what has become “etiquette” in our society.  Faith has to be immune to critical thinking because it could never actually stand up to it.  People don’t like questions like, […]

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Friday Fundamentalist Farce File #3

(NOTE: Because I spent all day Friday at the Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity, including guest keynote Michele Norris from NPR’s All Things Considered, I did not have the opportunity to complete this week’s Farce File.  What is posted here is what I had completed prior to Friday, and I wanted to get […]

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